Managing the Design Process
• Project must
Accomplish the goals - scope
Be done within resources - spending
Be done on time - scheduling
Four Functions of Management
Planning: scope, spending, scheduling
Organizing: who is responsible for what
Leading: motivating and dividing work
Controlling: tracking progress toward goals
Project Management Tools
Work breakdown structure
Linear responsibility chart
Team calendar
Gantt chart
Activity network or PERT chart
Work Breakdown Structure
• A hierarchical representation of all the tasks
that must be accomplished to complete the
breakdown of tasks, not roles or people
not a flow chart showing temporal or logical
relationships among tasks
simply a convenient way to organize tasks
Linear Responsibility Chart
Identifies who has primary
responsibility for each task and who
Team Calendar
Time frame and deadlines
Gantt Chart
Maps activities against a time line
Activity Network
Graph of activities and events
showing logical order in which they
must be performed. Also known as
Program Evaluation and Review
Technique (PERT) chart