Psychopharmacology and Other Biologic Treatments

Care of Children and Adolescents
With Psychiatric Disorders
Chapter 26
5%-9% of children between ages of 9-17
have serious emotional disturbance with
severed functional impairments
4%-6% -- seriously emotionally disturbed with
some functional impairment
Other Disruptive Behavior Disorders
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Disobedience, argumentative
Trouble making friends
Conduct Disorder
Serious violations of social norms
Separation Anxiety Disorder
School phobia
4% of school age children
Runs in family
May emerge after a change
May need medication -- antidepressants
behavior therapy
flooding vs desensitization
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
May have onset in childhood
Treatment similar to adults
1%-5% of school age children
(adolescents higher)
Similar to adult treatment
Associated with suicide
Childhood Schizophrenia
Rare -- 2 per 100,000
Poorer pre-morbid functioning than adult
Nursing care follow PDD
Elimination Disorders
involuntary excretion of urination after an age of
attainment of bladder control
most common in boys
etiology unknown
limit fluid intake in evening
behavioral treatment -- pad, buzzer
soiling clothing with feces or depositing feces in
inappropriate places
more common in boys
usually not a result of physical problems
education and behavioral interventions
National Institute of Mental Health