Name: Period:______ Psychological Disorders Reading Guide 1

Psychological Disorders Reading Guide
1. Why must you consider the cultural context of a behavior when determining whether
the behavior is abnormal?
2. What are the criteria for conditions to be considered abnormal?
3. What is comorbidity?
4. How many “axes” or dimensions are there in the DSM-IV?
5. What is a panic attack?
6. What is agoraphobia?
7. Someone who is compelled to watch his/her hands 30 times a day or avoids stepping on
cracks may have _______________________________________________.
8. What is an example of a conversion disorder?
9. A woman disappears, wakes up 3 days later 200 miles from home with no memory of
how she got there. She establishes a new identity, takes a new name, marries, gets a job.
She may have
10. What is the new term for multiple personality disorder?
11. What are delusions?
12. ____________________________________________is a group of disorders characterized by confused
and disconnected thoughts, emotions, and perceptions.
13. What are the difference between a major depressive disorder and a bipolar disorder?