MAP - Neshaminy School District

Academic Enrichment,
Algebra teacher, Math Intervention
Sept 4, 2014
Dave Martys
 7th year in the district
 Fourth year teaching Math/AE.
 First year just at POQ!!
 I received a Master’s degree in counseling.
 Married to Mary. Son Will
 Love golf/coach
Future Problem Solving International
Trial of Socrates and Philosophy
Survival Simulation
Junior Great Books
Touchtone Discussions
Math Problem Solvers
 Major Focus of the first half of the year on analyzing problems,
high order thinking skills, enriched readings, application and
team work.
 3rd MP- High school level readings along with creativity in
individual projects. Fun!!
 4th marking period- Analytical and critical thinking skills related
to philosophy with a focus on the arts at the end of the year!
Future Problem Solving
International (FPS)
 In groups of Four students will:
 Analyze the Situation
 Brainstorm Challenges
 Identify Underlying Problem
 Brainstorm Solutions
 Evaluate Solutions
 Develop Action Plan for Best Solution
This Years Topics
PP1-Social Media- October 18th
steps 1-3
PP2- Processed Foods- December 12th Steps 1-6
QP- Propaganda- January 30th
States- Human Potential -April 10-11th
NSD at FPS Harrisburg
Trial Of Socrates
 Research
 Develop Character Roles
 Create Costumes/Props
 Conduct Trial
Discussion and Essays
 Junior Great Book Short Stories
 Touchstones
 Harrison Bergeron—Weebly Website
 Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt”—GoAnimate
 MAP– Measures of Academic Progress
 A Tool for Teachers
 Created by educators for educators, MAP assessments provide
detailed, actionable data about where each child is on their
unique learning path.
 Adapting the Test to the Student
 MAP dynamically adapts to a student’s responses – as they take the
 Answer a question correctly and the test presents a more challenging
 Miss a question, and MAP offers a simpler item
 In this way, the test narrows in on a student’s learning level, engaging
them with content that allows them to succeed.
NSD Wiki
Travel Drive—Z-drive
What will your child need for class?
 A binder (kept in class)
 Loose leaf paper
 A flash drive
What’s next:
 GIEP meetings before thanksgiving (I hope)
 Opening communication
 Please make sure your email is in our system!
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