Physiological apology of Plato and logic
Referring to this selection, the apology refers to Plato’s unrevealing explanation of the Trial of
Socrates. In the apology, Plato have expounded more vividly on the future generation and the
descendants of his teacher Socrates. Additionally, the story of Socrates unfolds the kind of
experience he had in life. According to Plato’s view, Socrates was a person of preeminent
qualities and virtues. In Plato’s explanation, Anytus of misconduct and performance of accused
Socrates lead to the beginning of his trial in 399BC. Socrates had been accused of two serious
offences which includes unethical practices of mistreating , misappropriation and embezzlement
of funds belonging to the youths of Athens. In addition, he was also accused of disrespecting and
rejecting the deities of city gods. The story begins in a physiological way where Socrates
comprehensively starts by asking questions to the people. He used logics and Boolean
illustrations to eradicate ignorance from the people of Athens.