Foreign Language Spelling Bee - Sprowston Community High School

Foreign Language
Spelling Bee
What is it?
• A national language competition for Year 7’s
• It runs in England and Wales
• The competition has 4 stages, and the competitors
must learn 50 words per stage in their chosen
language, totalling to 200 words if they reach the
national final
How does it work?
• Each contestant learns 50 words per stage
• The contestants will be tested at the end of the stage with
random words being called out in English which they are
required to translate into the target language and then spell
out each letter individually also in the target language.
Stage 1: Class Competitions
• Everyone in Year 7 who studies languages can participate in
the Stage 1 class competitions except for native speakers of
the individual languages.
• In your lessons, the contestants will be given 50 words to learn
in either French, German, or Spanish
• Just before the end of term the contestants will be tested
individually, and two class winners will move on to the next
stage (deadline: 19th December)
Stage 2: School Competition
• All of the class winners will learn 50 more words
• They will all be tested with random words, before the
4 winners per school will move on to the regional
• (deadline: 14th February 2015)
Stage 3 + 4: Regional and National
• The school winners will move on to the Regional final, where
they will compete with the best from every school in your
• The 4 winners for each language from the region will move on
to the National final, held in Cambridge for the English
• The national winners will be announced at the National final
(3rd July)
How can I practise?
• There is a useful website with fun practice games to test you
on each of the words.
• Ask your language teachers for more information about the
website if you get stuck
Mobile apps are available on all major phones,
and for the iPod touch