MS Word Vocabulary

MS Word Vocabulary
• Toolbar: contains all options available in
Microsoft Word
• File Tab: allows you to Save, Save As,
Open, Close
• Home Tab: Microsoft Words’ standard
view. It is the most widely used and allows
you to format text by Font Style, Font
Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, Alignment,
Numbered List, Bulleted List, Indentation,
Spacing, and Font Color
MS Word Vocabulary
• Insert Tab: contains any additives that may be
place in the document, including but not
limited to Tables, Clip Art, Headers and
• Page Layout Tab: contains icons for page
setup and paragraph actions.
• View Tab: allows you to change views of
• Alignment: option that allows you to choose
how you want your paragraph to look (
justified, right, center or left)
MS Word Vocabulary
• Line Spacing: option that allows you to set the
desired spacing, such as single or double
• Cut: removes the selection from the original
location and allows it to be placed somewhere
• Copy: allows you to leave the original
selection where it is and insert a copy
• Paste: used to insert whatever has been cut
or copied