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Solve Real Problems
and Experience Real
Success in Another
Student teams
providing strategic advice –
leading to compelling and
actionable plans…
Develop and apply
cross-cultural communication
foreign language and
virtual teaming skills
while working on
real projects for real companies
U.S. or foreign company
GBP Kick-off Weekend in Washington, DC (March 12-14)
Team members are MBAs from GBP Consortium Schools
Weekly virtual meetings mid-March to end of April
Travel to target country (May 14 – 29)
Interaction is often in a language other than English
Students pay $2750 course fee (minus CIBER fellowship), plus
transportation to target country
Student teams and faculty drawn from:
Columbia, Duke, George Washington, Purdue, San Diego State, Temple, Kansas,
Maryland, U Conn, U of Hawaii, U of Wisconsin, UNC & Pittsburgh
Brazil projects: led by U Kansas CIBER
Poland projects: led by Maryland CIBER
China projects: led by UNC CIBER
Japan projects: led by Temple CIBER
New in 2010 Russia projects: led by DUKE CIBER
•Students apply online until November 15, 2009
•Team and project assignments issued by the first part of
• commitment and deposit due by December 15th.
•Language learning January – April
• initial assessment in early January
•Kick-off weekend in Washington, DC March 12-14 , 2010
• language evaluation
• team building
• project scoping
Timeline - continued:
•Virtual teamwork, through the rest of March and April
•Project Leaders meet weekly with Advisors & team
•Team meets with client at least every 3 weeks
•Final language evaluation done
•Team travel to destination country May 14 – May 29, 2010
•Hub City Weekend (China, Japan, Poland & Russia: May14-16; Brazil: May 15-17)
•In-Country Project Work May 17th/18th through May 29th
•Presentation to client May 29th
•Final hard copy report due by end of June
Kick-off weekend March 12 -1 4 in Washington DC
Meet team members, faculty advisors and company representatives
Team travel to destination countries last two weeks in May
Past projects included
•A NC lumber manufacturer needing customers in China
•A global leader in biometric authentication software wanting help
to improve its overall business in Brazil
•A city in Japan exploring ways to promote their old town as a tourist
•A Polish-American company in Krakow wanting to expand their presence in
Eastern and Western Europe
“The GBP offered me a truly international consulting experience; it was
the best fit from among the programs at Kenan-Flagler to prepare
me for any future global opportunity.” – Greg Baker, KFBS MBA 2009
Applying, Matching, and Committing
November 15, 2009: Application deadline
Early December: Selection notifications & team assignments
By December 15th: Student commitment ($500 deposit due)
By January 15th: Program Fee Balance due
2009 Smith School GBP Participants
Cat Corso
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Brian Davis
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Jeff Hong
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Jason Rusten
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Puja Samria
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Neil Vora
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For more information, visit:
Or contact Karen Watts, Smith School CIBER Assistant Director at:
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To apply, go to:
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