Dr Terry Barber is a Lecturer within the Community Education

Curriculum Vitae
Dr Terry Barber 17 July 2014
Contact address:
Terry Barber, Research Training Consultancy
10 Wyvis Avenue, Broughty Ferry
Dundee DD5 3ST, Scotland, UK
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07516 441206
Webpage http://www.rtcterry.co.uk
Personal Details
I have recently accepted voluntary severance (July 2014) from my post as Senior Lecturer
within the Community Education Department at the University of Dundee, having been
employed by the University since 2003. I am now registered as self-employed with my own
business, namely Research Training Consultancy (RTC). As well as having direct teaching
responsibility at undergraduate and post-graduate level I have developed my own particular
research interests which draw upon my 18 years as a senior fieldwork practitioner in
Community Education and specialist Youth Work. These include, Youth Participation, Civic
Engagement, Social and Emotional Competence and Positive Psychology as a force for
change. This work has involved co-supervision of doctorate level students through to final
completion at the University.
Higher Education Qualifications
Ph.D. University of Strathclyde.
CPsychol (Chartered Psychologist) BPS
CSci (Chartered Scientist) UK Science Council.
Cert. (THE) Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education.
BA (Honours) 2.1 Open University
Diploma in Community Education. University of Dundee
HND Business Studies. Dundee College
Post Initial Training Graduate Certificate in Education Studies University of
Certificate in Coaching Skills, University of Dundee. SCQF Level 9
Employment Experience….. Post-Graduation From 1985
Tayside Regional Council Community Education Service
April 1992 - September 2003
Neighbourhood Development Officer (North East Unit)
Communities Officer…Community Learning and Development. Delivery and management
of the Decentralisation Strategy in Social Inclusion Areas of Dundee.
Tayside Regional Council Community Education Service Blairgowrie
April 1990 - April 1992
Generic Community Education Worker for Perthshire East.
Tayside Regional Council Community Education Service Perth
September 1988 - April 1990
Community Planning Officer. Multiple Deprivation Priority Areas
Tayside Regional Council Community Education Service Angus
March 1986 - September 1988
Generic Community Education Worker for Forfar/Kirriemuir and Landward Area.
I have taken a lead role in the design, delivery and evaluation of core modules and electives,
not only in my own professional discipline of community education, but in co-disciplinary work
Terry…CV as at 17 July.2014
with teaching and social work professions. I have regularly focused upon the construction of
materials and methods which encourage the best possible participation by students at
undergraduate and post graduate levels. I have specifically embedded action research
approaches into my teaching methodology to encourage students and colleagues to engage
fully with the modules and specialist teaching electives. A major part of my work has
involved supporting a number of work-based students who undertake the programme at a
distance; this has involved the use of innovative teaching approaches using e-learning
platforms. At the level of assessment, I have applied the standards and regulations of the
University rigorously, whilst ensuring the fullest possible support to students. I have also
been active within the CPD context and have delivered within a fieldwork setting to
Community Planning for Healthcare Professionals and teaching in Management and
Leadership Methodologies.
I have taken with me into the University role, some 18 years’ experience as a professional in
the field of community education at the level of specialist practitioner and for a number of
years as a senior manager. In my career I have always balanced professional practice with
academic achievement and I believe that I have applied this well in the last eleven years I
have been employed at the University. In relation to outputs, I have presented professional
research papers to:
Eleven international conferences
Twelve national conferences
Five internal university conferences.
My published output has been:
Nine professional journal papers
Twelve professional publications
One chapter in book, produced by the Council of Europe.
Two published contributions submitted for the last RAE.
My research and publication record in the professional field (prior to joining the university)
includes the following:
“Education for Life” (Tayside Regional Council)
“The Youth Work Curriculum” (Tayside Regional Council)
“Give Youth a Chance” (Tayside Regional Council)
“Being Young in Scotland” (Co-produced with Scottish Community Education Council)
Prior to joining the University I was Involved in substantial successful funding bids as a
practitioner in the field of community education. Since taking up his current post I have
secured funding in partnership with colleagues of £20,000 from the Carnegie Trust and
£10,000 to develop a pilot proposal and literature review exploring well-being methodologies.
More recently, I secured external funding of £15000 from Learning Teaching Scotland to
investigate formal and informal methodologies in school settings.
Awang, M.M., Jindal-Snape, D., & Barber, T. (2013). A Documentary Analysis of the
Government’s Circulars on Positive Behaviour Enhancement Strategies. Asian Social
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Scotland (The National Agency for Youth ) and the University of Strathclyde
Barber, T. (2010) February 2010. What can psychology do for young people?
Psychology Teaching Review Vol. 15 No 2. BPS.
Terry…CV as at 17 July.2014
*Barber, T. (2009) Participation, Citizenship and Well-Being: Engaging With Young
People: Making a Difference. Young..Nordic Journal of Youth Research. Volume 17,
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Barber, T. (2008) Youth Participation and the Challenge of Positive Cultural
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Barber, T. (2001). Participation: Sowing the seeds of social inclusion. Scottish Youth
Issues Journal, 2, 89 -104
Chapter in Book
*Barber, T. (2009) Choice, voice and engagement: models and methods which promote
active youth citizenship in the new Europe. Chapter 12 In: European citizenship - In the
process of construction - Challenges for citizenship, citizenship education and democratic
practice in Europe. Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing.
Professional Publications
Barber, T. and Ogilvie, G. (2013) Research Animation for the 'Role Modelling and
Young People Resource Pack'. Edinburgh: YouthLink Scotland.
Barber, T. (2013) 'Certificate in Recovery Coaching'. SCQF/SQA Credit Rated
November, 2013. CAIR Scotland, Dundee.
Barber, T. (2012) ‘Voices of Recovery’. A research project exploring the perceptions
of service-users recovering from drug and alcohol misuse in Tayside Scotland.
Dundee: CAIR Scotland Publications.
Barber, T. (2011), Thinking, Feeling, and Acting. A study examining the function of
explanatory style and its influence on optimistic or pessimistic states? Scottish
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Barber, T. (2010), Nurturing the Health and Well-Being of European Youth
…Visions…Collisions and Decisions! Strasbourg: Council of Europe Youth
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Barber, T. (2010) "Optimism...Pessimism and the Student Learning Experience". In
Proceedings Report of the Mental Health in Higher Education Conference. Lancaster
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Barber, T. (2009) 'Conceptualising Youth Participation' In: Proceedings Report of the
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Barber, T (2008). Well-Being, Inequality and Community Based Methodologies for
Change. A conceptual review of literature which examines well-being theory,
methodologies and public policy engagement priorities. University of Dundee &
LearningLink Scotland Publications.
Barber, T., Lavin, F. & Leslie, B. (2007). Interprofessional Education. An exploration
of student and staff perspectives in the School of Education, Social Work and
Terry…CV as at 17 July.2014
Community Education at the University of Dundee. The Higher Education Academy,
Social Policy and Social Work Case Studies (SWAP).
Barber, T. (2007). Equality and Social Inclusion. PD 5073 for M.Sc. Applied
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Barber, T. & Naulty, M., (2005) Your Place or Mine: A research study exploring young
people's participation in community planning. University of Dundee. Youth Link
Conference Presentations
Barber, T. 'Voices of Recovery...Developing Community Assets for Positive Change'.
Community is the Answer International Conference. Celebrating our Common
Wealth. Glasgow University. 9 June 2014.
Barber, T. Participation and Engagement in Research: Challenges and Opportunities.
At The School of Nursing & Midwifery's Addressing Inequalities Seminar 15 May,
Barber, T., Leslie, B. and Barber, C. “Social Work and Community Development;
Radical Learning, Practice and Change”. National Social Work Action Network
Conference. London South Bank University. London. 13 April 2013.
Barber, T. (2013) ”Contextualising Crisis..Youth Participation and Sustainable
Impact”. The Current Crisis..Youth Impact and Ways Forward Symposium. Council of
Europe. Strasbourg. 21 February 2013.
Barber, T. (2012) SF4U (Serious Fun for You) Keynote Dialogue Session at the
Community Education Training Network National Conference. Grangemouth. 29
May, 2012.
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Pedagogy and Equity”. Presentation to the SWAN Conference, 31 March 2012.
Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool.
Barber, T. (2012) Critical Engagement, Critical Youth Work, Critical Impact.
Developing a community-based response to the needs of young people. Keynote
address to the Youth in Crisis Conference, University of the West of Scotland,
February, 2012.
Barber, C. & Barber, T. (2011) Developing Equity in Higher
Education…Contradictions and Possibilities! Presented to the European Conference
on Educational Research 2011. Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, 13 September
Barber, T. and Murdoch, S. (2011) In Search of "Transformative" Community
Practice. Paper Presented at the International Association for Community
Development Conference, Lisbon, 6 July 2011.
Barber, T. and Wikeley, F. (2010) Symposium Presentation. The Potential of NonFormal and Informal Methodologies in Curriculum Reform. European Conference on
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Barber, T. (2010) "Optimism...Pessimism and the Student Learning Experience".
Presented to: “Living and learning, learning and teaching: Mental health in higher
education” Higher Education Academy…Mental Health in Higher Education
Conference. Lancaster University. 30-31 March 2010.
Terry…CV as at 17 July.2014
Barber, T. (2010) Glass Half Empty...Glass Half Full? ESWCE. 1st Annual
Stakeholder Research Conference. "Celebrating Professional Practice". 21 April
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Barber, T (2006). Choice, Voice and Engagement. An Exploration of Models and
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Centre, Budapest. 25 November 2006.
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Enhancement in Young People. Presented to the Scottish Education Research
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Barber, T. (2003). An investigation into the factors which influence the participation of
young people in youth work provision across Tayside. Proceedings of British
Psychological Society, 1, February.
Terry…CV as at 17 July.2014
Professional Status
In relation to my professional contribution I believe I have sustained and indeed developed my
professional focus on interdisciplinary working, nationally and internationally. I have shared
my research findings with colleagues from teacher education at a number of SERA
conferences and through the SWAP network, continuously seeking the synergy and
commonality required within an innovative environment.. In 2006 I worked in partnership with
the Community Education Training Network to deliver a major conference within the
University (The Serious Fun Conference) attracting over 100 delegates to explore learning
and community engagement. I am also in professional membership of the following:
CSci (Chartered Scientist) Registered with the UK Science Council, February 2013.
Associate Fellowship of the British Psychological Society. Elected May 2011.
Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. Awarded March 2007
British Psychological Society (Graduate Basis for Registration)
Elected March 1995. Registration Number 77739
CPsychol (Chartered Psychologist) Registered on the BPS (British Psychological
Society) National Register of Chartered Psychologists.
Full membership of The Researcher and Teachers in Psychology Division, British
Psychological Society. Elected February 2002
Full membership of The Community Psychology Section. British Psychological
Society. Confirmed September 2010
Member of Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP). British Psychological
Society. Elected February 2011
Member of the European Network for Positive Psychology (ENPP)
Registered professional member of the CLD Standards Council for Scotland
Member of the national community education training network (CETN)
Administrative and Community Contributions
I have taken an active role in the necessary quality assurance activities across the University,
including recruitment and selection, assessment moderation, invigilating, programme boards,
exam boards, disability awareness and the efficient delivery of University systems. I have
taken a particular interest in student representation and developing the student voice in
University structures. Internally, I have been an active member of the School Research
Degrees Committee and the School Research Methods Training Programme. At the
University I was a member of the school’s ‘Transformative Change, Education and Life
Transitions’ (TCELT) research group. I have peer reviewed for a number of national and
international journals over the last seven years, as well as carrying out academic evaluations
for ESRC and national healthcare agencies.
Externally I have been an active member of the following groups/organisations:
 University of Pretoria (South Africa) Carried out external examiner duties with the
University assessing a PhD submitted in January 2012.
 London South Bank University. Carried out external examiner duties with the
University assessing a PhD submitted in June 2008.
 Scottish Youth Work Network
 Youth Knowledge European Portal Network
 The City of Dundee ‘Learning Curve’ Consortium
In terms of community activity, I have taken a direct interest in my own community and
supported local voluntary organisations actively. I am also involved in local community drama
in Dundee and I have written, directed and performed in a number of productions at the
annual Dundee Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I also have a long standing
interest in global poverty and have been an active fundraiser for organisations promoting
overseas exchange work.
Terry…CV as at 17 July.2014