Lather and Nothing Else Qs

Lather and Nothing Else
Answer the following questions using full sentences. Your answers should be well developed, and show
your deep understanding of the story.
Your answers should be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Please use as much detail from the story as
possible to establish your answer. When you use quotations or examples from the story, be sure to
explain and elaborate.
Reminder: Answering literature questions:
When you answer a question about a story, make sure that you use the question as a way to begin
your answer. For example…
Question: What do we learn about the barber by the end of the story?
By the end of the story, we learn that the barber…
1. Why does the barber decide not to kill Captain Torres? In your view, does he make the
right decision? Explain why or why not – make a convincing case!
(If you think he makes the right choice, do not simply repeat the barber’s reasons, but
evaluate them). (5 marks)
2. In your opinion, why did Captain Torres put himself in such a vulnerable position with
the barber (knowing he was a rebel)? Do you think that he was certain the barber would
not kill him? Explain with evidence from the text. (2 marks)
3. What kind of person is Torres? How does the author build and develop his character
throughout the story (ie: characterization)? You may refer to…
a. The barber’s description of him
b. What he tells the barber during the shave
c. Why he puts himself into the barber’s hands (*important*)
d. His final worlds before leaving
(5 marks)
4. Why is the use of FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE important in this story? Why does
this author choose to use this perspective? (3 marks)
5. What is the overall theme or message in this story? Explain the meaning, using specific
evidence from the text. (5 marks)