Learning family members

Lesson Plan
TCLP teacher’s name: Chen Linlin
Grade level: 8th grade
Language level: BEGINNERS
Lesson title:
Date: Oct. 19, 2012
Learning family members __________________
Step 1—Desired Results
Lesson goals
1. To help students to introduce their family members under some circumstances in Chinese.
2. To help students to use the pron. 这/那 when introducing their family
Essential Questions
1. How do you call your dad, mum, older brother, older sister in Chinese?
2. How do you introduce your family members to others?
Lesson Objectives
Students will be able to:
1. introduce their family members under some circumstances
2. use the sentence structures when introducing family members.:
Step 2—Assessment Evidence
Performance task
1. Students draw a family tree in class and introduce in Chinese their family members.
2. Students paly jigsaw games to make sentences with “这是我的…”; “我有
Step 3—Learning Plan
Materials needed
1. a piece of paper for students to draw their family tree.
2. flash cards to teach them family members in Chinese.
3. some colored paper to divide students into different groups according to
different colors they choose to have when they come into the classroom.
Learning activities
When students come into the classroom, they will get a piece of colored paper sticking on their clothes. (it is used for group division, and
good for them to learn colors later on, too. )
What did we learn yesterday?
Prepare “an entry review” for students (hand out a piece of paper on which
writes: 我有一个朋友. 我有三个老师.我有四个笔记本. ). Ask students to
work in pairs and try to remember what they mean in English. And then ask
them to speak the sentences out aloud one by one.
2. Warming-up 5m
Look and learn
Look at the picture of the teacher and listen to the teacher: 这是我的爸爸,
Repeat the sentences three times.
Write the sentence structure: 这是我的…on the board.
3. Input
Use flash cards and teach students how to say dad, mum, older brother
and older sister.
4. Draw a family tree
Give students a piece of paper and then ask them to draw a family tree.
Teach them to write 爸爸, 妈妈,哥哥,姐姐 on the paper.
5. Presentation
presentational & interpersonal
Ask students to describe their family tree by using the structure: 这是我的妈
妈;这是我的爸爸;这是我的哥哥;这是我的姐姐。(If students can learn
well, teacher them younger brother and younger sister as well at this time)
6. Practice
Give students a picture of Tom and Susan with different Chinese characters on. (suppose some students are Tom, some are Susan): 这是我的爸
Students who act as Tom tell Students who act as Susan about Tom’s
family. Then change their roles.
Students introduce their family in real situations.
7. Homework 1m
Write a short article introducing their family by writing “这是我的家庭。这是
8. Exit review 2m
Give students two minutes to review what they have learned in class.
Step 4—Reflection
Entry and Exit review are really good ways to help students better review
what has been learnt in class. Keep on looking for more effective ways to
help students sustainably keep interest in Chinese learning.