Gabriela Aguirre Wagner ENG 1020 1/19/13 Advertisement Analysis

Gabriela Aguirre
ENG 1020
Advertisement Analysis
In this analysis I will discuss the subliminal and hidden undertones of this ad to
accomplish its goal which is to get people to buy Tipalet cigarettes. This ad is telling its viewers
that these Tipalet cigarettes will attract woman. Just the smell of the smoke is supposed to attract
the opposite sex as opposed to any other cigarette. There are, however, many more factors that
play out in how the ad conveys it's true message and attracts people to buy Tipalet cigarettes.
One thing to notice about my ad is that it is an old ad, possibly from the 60s when
smoking was a lot more popular and common everywhere. In the bottom corner it says "about
five for 25 cents." No one can get cigarettes for that cheap anymore. The fact that it is an older
ad and may give it more credibility in a way because smoking was the cats pajamas in the 60s so
these must be good cigarettes. It could also take away from the credibility because since it is an
old ad and people are smoking less than they used to people realize that these cigarettes have not
been advertised in years and anyways who wants to destroy their lungs and live off breathing
machines like a majority of older people/ past smokers are.
The slogan says "Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere." It could be implying
something sexual and this is emphasized by the proximity of the man and woman in the picture.
The slogan implies that if you smoke this cigarette you will have the attention of any girl and she
will be immediately captivated by you even though she is supposed to be being captivated by the
smoke. Some signs that prove this true are the way her eyes are looking at his. It shows that she's
being captivated by the actual man because she's not even noticing the smoke or does but still
seems to only be focused on the man and not so much on the scent of the cigarette.
Another point about the slogan is that it shows woman in a bad light almost. It almost
implies that the woman are like dogs. When it says "she'll follow you anywhere" it sounds like
they are talking about a dog. Dogs follow people who have food or something they want. There's
even the expression "following you around like a puppy." So when it says that a woman will
follow you it makes it seem like the woman is being submissive almost which also has a sexual
undertone to it.