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Student 1. Excuse me, Mr. Could you put out your cigarette please. I don't smoke,
so the cigarette smoke is bad for my eyes.
Student 2. Mister. The low doesn't forbid me to smoke here.
The smoking is possible in special places. If this place is into a certain building, it
must have special equipment, for example: supply and exhaust ventilation,
containers for used cigarettes, fire extinguishing agents. If this place is outside, it
must have special equipment too, and also it must have fence. It needs to minors
don't see the smokers. The low like that considers the interests of smokers and nonsmokers.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of smokers in our country. They are addicted to this
bad habit. On the one hand, this low violates their rights. So, it is necessary to
make a balance. So first it needs to prepare special places for smokers in the
required amount. So, after that, this low will not be so radical.
Do you have problems?
Do your colleagues disrespect you?
Have you been a looser since childhood?
Be yourself.
Let's all go to hell and take what's yours!
Be a cool guy
Philip Morris - fill the power of life.
Friends! Don't smoke! It is deadly dangerous to health! If you have never tasted to
smoke, but you want to try, you should make only one sip of cognac. This will
help you. Cognac is very healthy product. But it so expensive. That is why, it so
healthy. My mother drinks cognac every day, and recommends to everyone to do
it. Be healthy friends.
G. Topics.
I don’t agree with this opinion, because it violates right of
nonsmokers. And also, sacrificing your health, you harm others.
I don’t agree. British scientists have proven that drugs destroy the
personality and consciousness of a person, destroy his will. That is why they are so
dangerous and forbidden. Cigarettes are not so dangerous. Cigarettes are not so
dangerous, so they do not need a total ban.
In our country it is forbidden to smoke in public places. It is forbidden
to sell cigarettes to children.
It is right! It makes society better. It develops in people respect for
each other.