The life of teenagers. Bad habits

The life of teenagers.
Bad habits
(Smoking, taking drugs,
drinking alcohol, depending
on slot-machines…)
match the beginning and the ending
of these proverbs :
 1 Don’t cross your bridges
a) before you are hurt
Lost time is never
b) before you come to them
Never put off till tomorrow
c) found again
Don’t cry
d) good news
No news is
e) to a willing heart
Nothing is impossible
f) what you can do today
None so blind as those
g) who won’t see
Do you want to kiss an old ashtray?
A beautiful girl looks across the dinner table at an attractive young man. He is walking
over to her. She is pleased. She pauses while he comes near her. Then suddenly,
when he is near, she turns round and walks quickly away. “Ugh”,she says, “ he smells
like an old ashtray.” It is an anti-smoking advertisement in British cinemas.
In 1971 the British Government made a law about smoking. Every packet of
cigarettes must have a health warning on it. Television and radio stations cannot
advertise cigarettes. Almost half the trains in Britain is “No smoking”. You may not
smoke in British theatres.
But people still smoke where and when they can though they know that nicotine in
tobacco is bad for them. Habits of younger people are not too fixed, that is why the
Government films are for young people. The new advertisements in cinemas show
attractive young men and women who smoke. Other young people look at them and
say: “Yes, they are attractive, but ugh! Their hair and clothes smell of tobacco; theirs
teeth and fingers are all yellow.” “Do you want to kiss an old ashtray?”
Teenagers often have their first cigarette because they think they look older and more
attractive if they smoke. Perhaps they won’t continue if they think it unattractive.
Mark true or false statements:
1) Anti-smoking advertisements are very popular in British cinemas.
2) The young girl is walking over to the young man at the end of dinner.
3) She kisses him and says that he smells of tobacco.
4) Every packet of cigarettes must have a colored picture on it
5) In Britain television and radio often advertise cigarettes.
6) Now in Britain half the trains is “No smoking”.
7) You may not smoke in British theatres.
8) Habits of younger people are well- fixed.
9) The Government films are for elder people.
10) The new advertisements in cinemas show attractive young men and women
who smoke.
Key: 1+, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6+, 7+, 8-, 9-, 10+.
Points of view on bad habits
I think that cigarettes warm you
when it is cold
You look elder
You are very attractive and it is in
You feel yourself very active and
full of energy
It is impossible to change, you
are what you are
You are free to decide what is
good and what is bad for your
Life is so short, why not?
I want to taste everything
Why should I give up the things
which I like to do?
It impairs your vision
It causes the cancer of lungs and
the cancer of throat
It takes your breath away
It makes your skin and fingers
turn yellow
It is out of fashion, the youth is
for the active kind of living
You don’t get enough vitamins
and minerals
You look rather pale, you have
frequent headaches
causes slow reactions and loss of
It makes your speech unclear
It causes anaemia
makes our teeth turn yellow and
our hair, clothes smell awful
It wastes your time and empties
your pockets
It pollutes the air around you and
makes your non-smoking friends
avoid you
( Negative sentences )
Let’s practice using no, never, nothing.
• “Choose life not drugs”
• “Don’t take drugs”
• “Just say no”
• “Say no to drugs”
• “Don’t do drugs”
• “Don’t go nowhere, look round”
• “It is never late to say no”
Posters which contain a message
against bad habits
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