Math & Science - the School District of Palm Beach County

K-12 Curriculum Updates
Dr. Constance Tuman-Rugg
February 9, 2010
FCAT Updates
Spring 2010
• The summer retake will not be
administered for the foreseeable future.
• Spring and Fall retakes will continue—
Beginning in Spring 2010, retakes will
have a computer based option.
2010 FCAT Mathematics
Grades 3-10
•Tests in Grades 3-10 and Retakes are
constructed to align with 1996 SSS
•2007 standards (NGSSS)
will be field tested within the tests
•Performance tasks appear in Grades
5, 8, and 10 on the 2010 tests
(But no Science Performance tasks this year.)
2010 FCAT Mathematics
•Rulers will be provided for use on the
second session of the Grade 3 and 4 tests.
(Exception: Calibration schools)
•Gridded-response items appear in Gr 4
for the first time. (Field Test items only)
•Grade 4 sessions increased to 70 minutes
2010 FCAT Mathematics
•New and old grid types will be used
in Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10.
•New grids are used in Field Test
Items only.
See Learning Village Grade Level Pages for
further information and examples.
Grid changes vary at each grade level.
2010 FCAT Mathematics
•New reference sheets in Grades 5, 6-8 & 10
(See samples in newly released Sample
Tests and on Learning Village)
•Old reference sheet will be used for Grade
9 and Retakes.
•Four-function calculator will be used in
Grades 7-10 (as in the past)
Algebra I End-of-Course (EOC)
May 2010 Field Test
•Computer based field test items
•MC and Fill-in items only
•A representative sample of schools
•All grade 9 students and Algebra 1
students in grades 10-12
•New reference sheet
•Four-function calculator online tool
•Assessment derived from Course
Description: Algebra 1 - 1200310
Geometry End-of-Course (EOC)
May 2010 Field Test
•Computer based field test items
•MC and Fill-in items only
•A representative sample of schools
•All grade 9-12 Geometry students in the
selected schools
•New reference sheet
•Scientific calculator as an online tool
•Assessment derived from Course
Description: Geometry - 1206310
Student Fills-In Answer
Algebra 1 and Geometry
EOC Exams
Online practice sessions will be
available from DOE soon!!
Next year:
Spring 2011
April 11-22, 2011
Grades 3-10 Reading and Math
Grades 5,8, and 11 FCAT Science
May 16-27, 2011
Algebra 1 EOC Exam
Geometry EOC Exam
FCAT II Mathematics
Spring 2011 test for Grades 3-8
•Will assess the 2007 standards (NGSSS)
•Will not include performance tasks
•Will use new reference sheets
•Four-function calculator will be used in
grades 7 & 8 (not a change)
•Baseline year; first student scores
reported on the new test
End-of-Course Assessments
Schedule of Implementation
All are computer based with
field testing designated as FT.
FT in selected schools only.
End of
Algebra I FT
Geometry FT
Algebra I
Biology FT
Algebra I
US History FT
Algebra I
US History
Math EOC Assessments & Graduation
Requirements are
What we know for sure:
•EOC Assessments are proposed
•Field Testing is planned in anticipation of
passage of legislation
•Current grade 9 students and maybe
2010 incoming Grade 9 students will be
administered the FCAT I Retake as a
graduation requirement
• The Biology End of Course Exam (EOC)
– field tested in select schools spring of 2011.
– Pending legislation, it will eventually replace the
current 11th Grade FCAT Science.
• Current FCAT Science will continue to be
given in 11th grade in Spring 2010 and Spring
Upcoming Standards Training
Next Generation Standards (NGSSS)
(Math & Science)
Newly Adopted Textbook Training
Math & Science Standards Training
Secondary Math &
Science Teachers
Standards & Adopted
Textbook Training
Elementary Math &
Science Teachers
Standards Training
Adopted Textbook
Principals & Asst
June July Aug
Watch for Bulletins with Course Registration Information
Mathematics & Science Standards
Training Opportunities
Enrollment thru Course Registration
beginning 2/17/2010
Additional trainings will be added as
needed; check course registration
For additional information:
Jean Giarrusso, Manager K-12 Mathematics
PX 48819 434-8819
Wendy Spielman, Manager K-12 Science
PX 21152 357-1152
Sandra Weatherspoon, Manager K-12 Social
Studies, Fine Arts and PE
PX 21154 357-1154
Stakeholders Conversation
Curriculum Frameworks for 2010-11
February 26, 2010
•Summary of 2009-10 Curriculum Frameworks
•Discussion of changes proposed for 2010-11
Theme 2010
“The History of Black Economic Empowerment”
Links to the National African and African American Activities have been
sent to principals all African and African American History contacts at schools
Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Winners
Palm Beach County School Board Recognition, February 17, 2010
Town Hall Meeting
State of Florida’s Task Force on African American History, February 19, 2010
African American Library and Cultural Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
An Evening with Black Artist
February 20, 2010, Palm Beach Lakes High School
Students and community members have been invited to perform throughout
the month at the district office
Sandra Weatherspoon, PX: 21154
Sybil Mainor-Williams, PX: 48955
The Office of African and African American Studies
For additional information:
Sandra Weatherspoon, Manager K-12 Social
Studies, Fine Arts and PE
PX 21154 357-1154
Sybil Mainor-Williams, The Office of African &
African American Studies