Welcome to Guided Studies

Liberty Memorial Central Middle School
Guided Studies Syllabus
Welcome to Guided Studies
All 8th grade students will have Guided Studies every other day throughout the school
year. Guided Studies is a designated time to provide targeted skill instruction to meet
individual student needs.
Ms. Bland
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Ms. Harrell
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Welcome to the start of the 2014-2015 8th grade school year! In this
class, students work towards meeting their goals. As teachers, our job is to
provide them with the best possible support so that they may achieve these
goals. We encourage students to use this time wisely.
Class Overview
o Organization, time management, and study skills.
o Supplemental lessons, activities, and ongoing formative assessments designed
to reinforce topics in math, language arts, science, and social studies.
Course Objectives
o Students will work to meet their IEP benchmarks and goals.
o Students will receive the support necessary to succeed in the core academic
o Students will develop the fundamental academic skills that will promote
success in all classes and throughout their lifelong education.
o Come to class prepared and READY to learn.
o RESPECT you and others with your words and actions.
o Actively participate in all class activities to the best of your abilities.
o Think and be RESPONSIBLE.
o Set high expectations for yourself, and work hard to meet those expectations.
There will be no homework assigned in this class, but homework assigned in
other classes will be posted. It is the responsibility of each student to use this
time to make sure everything is written correctly in the assignment notebook.
Assignment notebooks will be reviewed to ensure that everyone is staying
organized and up-to-date with their assignments.
Grading Policy
Quarterly grades are determined by evaluating performance in the areas of
independence, preparation/organization, and personal management. Also,
students complete a quarterly goal planner and self-assessment