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Name ________________________
Cricket Experiment
1. Go to
2. Go to the Scientific Method Tutorial and Cricket Experiment link on the sidebar.
3. You do not need to enter your name – press “continue”
4. Choose the button on the right - “cricket”. If you need to review the scientific method at any
time, there is a great step by step tutorial here as well!
5. Fill in this worksheet as you go…
1. Where do you meet the cricket? ________________________________
2. Complete the data table
3. What is the best statement of the problem that you are investigating?
4. What are the conditions used on the GCC lab?
a. Air temperature ______________________
b. Atmospheric Pressure ________________________
c. Humidity ________________
d. Number of crickets nearby ____________________
e. Wind speed _________________
Cricket chirps ____________________
5. What is the dependent variable in your experiment? _______________________________
6. Which is the only independent variable that influences the dependent variable?
7. What is Dr. Dolber’s formula to explain the chirping rate of crickets?