Web Design Syllabus - Coeur d'Alene School District

Computer Graphics 1
Course Syllabus 2014-2015
Mrs. Kluss
Room 101, Email: jkluss@cdaschools.org
Office Hours: Before & after school
Student has signed CDA School District 271’s Technology Acceptable Use for Students Policy signifying he/she
agrees to follow all computer usage guidelines.
Supplies Needed:
 Pen or pencil
 Dedicated section of a 3 ring binder for storing class related homework and handouts.
Course Purpose:
By the end of the course students will be able to design interesting and unique graphics, enhance photos, manipulate text, and
lay it all out in professional eye-catching formats. You’ll also be able to integrate the best-selling graphic design software-Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.
Topics Covered
 File Management
 Adobe Photoshop CS6 software
 Adobe Illustrator CS6 software
 Adobe InDesign CS6
 Adobe Software Integration
When you have completed this class you will be able to:
 Perform simple to complex image editing
 Create graphics, text, and multilayered illustrations
 Create page layouts that can be used for print, on the web, and mobile devices
 Feel comfortable communicating with professionals in the field of graphic design.
Vocab. / Worksheets
Daily Work:
Final Exam/Project:
20% of grade
45% of grade
5% of grade
30% of grade
15% of overall final grade
These 4 categories are 85%
of overall final semester grade.
15% of final grade.
Grading Scale
A = 93% and above
A- = 90-92%
B+ = 86-89%
B = 83-85%
B- = 80-82%
C+ = 76-79%
C = 73-75%
C- = 70-72%
D+ = 66-69%
D = 63-65%
D- = 60-62%
F = 59% and below
August 2013
Digital Portfolio
Your portfolio will be created and stored in the CHS Homework folder on the T:\ drive. ALL your work and assignments for
Web Design will be stored in this folder. DO NOT delete any of your work from the folder unless the teacher specifically
requests it. All assignments/projects/notes for the whole semester will go in your portfolio. DO NOT delete or throw anything
away! The teacher will often grade from your portfolio folder so all your work must be stored there at all times.
Classroom Expectations
Show respect for the teacher, other students, and classroom guests at all times.
a. All communication should be appropriate and respectful.
b. If I am talking, or someone else it talking, YOU should be listening.
Students should treat all classroom equipment with respect. Don’t mess with the equipment and don’t make any changes to
your desktop or computer settings.
Class Dismissal
Please remain seated until the dismissal bell rings. You should not leave class until you have logged off, pushed your chair in,
put books away, and left your work area clean and tidy.
Whenever a student is guilty of cheating and/or plagiarism, I will collect the work of all students involved and mark a zero for
the work. Parents will be notified as appropriate and disciplinary actions will result.
Cheating includes (but is not limited to):
 Copying work from other students
 Sharing or transferring files between students
 Printing assignments for other students
 Turning in assignments that you did not personally do
 Turning in work from other sources as your own (plagiarism)
 Logging in as another student
 Telling another student your password and login
Hall Passes
Get personal things taken care of before you arrive to class, you’re not leaving once you get here. You will be issued five passes
to leave the classroom (for emergency use only) during the semester. Use them wisely, you won’t get more and you must have a
pass to leave.
Technology Agreement responsibilities:
Students must fulfill and abide by all Technology Agreement responsibilities:
a. Internet use is for class work and projects only.
b. Limit email use to class purposes only.
c. Do not change any settings on the computer or desktop and DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL ANY
d. Do not access any inappropriate web sites.
e. Log off your computer if you’re going to leave it or the classroom for any period of time.
August 2013
Classroom Procedures
Tardy to Class
You should be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. If you are tardy to class:
1. Do NOT disrupt the class if you walk in late.
2. Go to the tardy sign up sheet on the back counter and fill it out, then go quickly and quietly to your seat.
3. On your fourth tardy you will receive a discipline referral to the office for Wednesday school detention.
4. All subsequent tardies will be an automatic discipline referral to the office for further discipline.
Daily Warm Up
Check the white board at the front of the room as you come in to class each day. You are expected to sit down, log in and get to
work on whatever the opening activity is for the day. It should be completed shortly after class begins; you won’t have extra
time to complete it later so make good use of your time.
If you miss class
It is your responsibility to get your missing assignments and information from the assignment calendar at the front of the
classroom (or from a classmate). Class assignments and reading are posted on the calendar so check it out and get caught up. It
is your responsibility to make arrangements to make up any missed tests or assignments. As per school policy, you have
two days to get all missing work in to me.
Questions during Class – “Try These Before Asking Me”
If you have a question about how to do something in class please follow these steps before asking the teacher for help:
Steps to being a responsible learner:
1. Re-read the directions and procedures
2. Check with classmate(s) (do this quietly).
3. Ask Teacher
The best way to get your question answered quickly if you still need help is to sit quietly with your hand raised so I know you
need assistance.
Being in class and on time are very important and are counted as part of your over all semester grade. Active involvement in
daily class discussions and labs about the material(s) being covered is expected.
Notes should be taken anytime the teacher is lecturing on material at the front of the classroom.
You will be given clear instructions on how to submit your work and the due date so pay attention to what I tell you during
class. Homework assignments/projects will be submitted in one of two ways:
1. I will grade the assignment at your computer during class
2. I will grade it from your T:\ drive portfolio folder. If it’s not there, you get a zero.
Late Work
Late work can be turned in up to one week after the due date, but it will be marked down 10% each day it is late.
August 2013