Why do we study vocabulary

Today you will learn strategies on how to best
learn new vocabulary through the use of our
workbook and study tips.
We ultimately want to see you grow and
develop your vocabulary skills
Using this workbook and these skills will help
to prepared you for future standardized tests
like the PSAT, SAT and ACT.
This will be measured by:
 You in class participation (informal)
 Discussion (informal)
 Written answers in the workbook (formal)
 Vocabulary Test (80 points)
We will recite the words out loud together!
 This might feel a little silly, but you need to HEAR the
words out loud if you are going to learn how to use
We will go over all of the definitions together
We will complete all workbook activities
 Some in class
 Some on your own for homework
 We will review all answers together
We will cover different study strategies to find out
what is beat for you 
We will use these words in your writing
You will be using these orange books like this until you
graduate from BK.
 This is your chance to learn strategies that work for YOU.
 In the future teachers may not “hold your hand” through
vocabulary lessons and you may have to do a lot of this
on your own.
 So take advantage of the guidance NOW… I am going to
move pretty slowly through the first Unit but then things
will speed up as we work on this more and more
throughout the year.
 Warning: These vocabulary tests will occur frequently so
stay on top of your studies! These tests are worth 80
points and you can’t blow them off!
You should know what part of speech your
word is to better help you understand how to
use it within a sentence.
Simply put:
 Noun: person, place, thing or idea
 Verb: a word that expresses an action or a state of
 Adjective: describe nouns and pronouns