Dependent Clause Review Diagram the following sentences:

Dependent Clause Review
Due Friday, November 13. We will go over the answers in class.
Diagram the following sentences:
1. If you give me dessert first, I will eat my broccoli afterwards; if you give me broccoli, I will not eat
anything at all.
2. The English teacher was happy that her students loved grammar as much as she did.
3. In fact, she was so happy that she made a cake for the whole class.
4. The dish you brought to the party had been completely eaten by your greedy friends in the time
before I arrived.
5. Jonathan Swift’s idea that people should eat babies was not understood as ironic until after the
class discussed it.
6. Add a restrictive relative clause beginning with “who” to each of the following sentences.
The man has bad manners.
The man has excellent manners.
7. Add a nonrestrictive relative clause to the following sentence:
My birthday is my favorite holiday.
8. Add a noun clause appositive to the following sentence:
The fact was astonishing.
9. Compose a sentence with a relative clause that begins with a relative adverb:
10. Add an adverb clause to the following sentence:
Dinosaurs became extinct.