Group Sentence Composition 1 Directions: Procedure:

Group Sentence Composition 1
Directions: In small groups, create sentences that illustrate the following listed below.
Procedure: First, get feedback from all group members. Secondly, choose one group
member to write the sentences down on a piece of paper. Thirdly, choose another
member to read write the group’s sentence on the board.
Compose sentences as follows:
1. A sentence with a restrictive clause
2. A sentence with a nonrestrictive clause
3. A sentence with an appositive
4. A sentence with a direct object
5. A sentence with an absolute phrase
6. A sentence with items in a series
7. A sentence with an indirect object
8. A sentence with a split quotation
9. A sentence with a subordinate clause
10. A compound/complex sentence
Group members’ names: ____________________, ____________________,
____________________, ____________________, and _____________________,
Class time and days of the week: __________