Why Nearly Free Nursing College is Gamechanger to Markets of Healthcare
-every sustainable society needs #2030now. How Satellite out of Africa Empower this
Ethiopian Noah Samara, who launched first
satellite for Africa continent in 1990s, was
motivated to mediate free information and
service networks to minimise impact of Aids
1/10 Youth & Yunus Postcards Atlanta Nov2015
Today Noah’s Yazmi champions elearning
with outreach to 5 billion peoples thanks to
satellites AfricaStar & AsiaStar
40+ Years: Entrepreneurial Revolution will student health networks save millennials world?
1984 link to ER curriculum 1972-1992
From 1972, maternal and infant health sustain first
visible “end poverty” benefits of Bangladeshi’s
economic miracle linked by grassroots womens
micro-networks: BRAC (and later Grameen) – eg
massive scaling of oral rehydration embeds 50000
para-health servants in BRAC villages
7-year Grameen project founded on 16 decisions
poorest women villagers commit life to communally
empowering out of hundreds of thousand village hubs
-most are health or education directed
1983 First non-financial social business of Grameen
Bank involves infant nutrition- as later does first
global social business partnership 2005
1990s Launch of Africa’s first satellite motivated by
maximising comms to prevent spread of risks such as
HIV. Risk-preventing ILAB/crowdmap pioneered out
of Africa capitals, later adopted www by Brilliiant/Skoll
1996 George Soros helps fund Grameen Phone- and
mobile health apps increasingly become a number 1
search of Muhammad Yunus
2008 Grameen nursing college open partnerships potentially greatest girl effect network connection,
possibility to stimulate up to 100 million village jobs,
anchor health service as lead social business sector
1972 ER survey The Economist:
from quarter of a century of
tracking EU and UK National
Health Service it is evident
20thC largest organisation
typologies cannot sustain social
goals of coming net gen
but open edu can - and
microeconomists need to joyfully
mediate such a transformation
Grameen Nursing College emerges from year of UK social
business dialogues including St James’ London Feb 2008
yunus book launch at 85th birthday of The Economist’s proyouth economist and Glasgow’s Nov 2008 celebration with
Yunus of 250th anniversary of Adam Smith’s publication of
Moral Sentiments. Leaflet published on lost generation
consequences of asking youth to bail out big bank and big
healthcare. Royal approval for opening London Olympics
with celebrating nurses
2011 For first time world bank has ceo of bottom-up health
in Jim Kim- he calls for young professions to remap every
value chain whose sector is not in line with net generation’s
defining social movements such as end poverty and
celebrate jobs summits out of every future capital. At
Partners in Health he had mapped such a transformation so
that innovation of hiv drugs fastest and most affordable
2012 womens4empowerment alumni of Yunus link
first ladies and mobile billionaires with greatest
collaborative advances in mobile health experiments
2013 Peer to peer health learning becomes Khan
since 1996 across all 4 hemispheres