What is the Future of NASA?

Two Guys and A Gal
Glen Crowe
Jennifer Cline
Mike Fritts
DOWD, A. (2009). Surrendering Outer Space. Policy Review, (156), 5566. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database
This article discusses why we do not need to retire the current
space shuttle program.
I began my search at Galileo. I used the A to Z search option to find a
database. I chose the Business Source Compete database. My initial search
of NASA produced 9525 articles. I went to the advanced search and used
the term budget. This reduced my search number to 305. I then used the
peer review feature to narrow the results 28 articles. I then narrowed the
search by using the term space shuttles and it narrowed the search to 2
articles. I selected the 1st article.
Jensen, M., Vogelmann, A., & Collins, W. (2008). Investigation of Regional
and Seasonal Variations in Marine Boundary Layer Cloud Properties from
MODIS Observations. Journal of Climate, 21(19), 4955-73. Retrieved February
13, 2010, from General Science Full Text database.
This article is on the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
(MODIS) instrument aboard the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration's (NASA's) Terra satellite. It covers the role that cloud
formation plays in our climate.
I went to Galileo and searched using the A to Z search of databases. I chose the
Wilson General Science database. I searched the term NASA. It produced 5933
articles. I narrowed my search by adding satellites. That reduced my articles to
1399. I further narrowed the search with the term plans. It narrowed the number
of articles to 155 articles. I then narrowed it using the full text which narrowed it
to 6 articles. I chose the first article.
Briefing. (2006, November). Flight International, 170(5062), 5. Retrieved
February 14, 2010, from ABI/INFORM Complete. (Document ID: 1168751961
This article discusses NASA’s funding of the Rocketplane Kistler or (RPK) K1 reusable launch vehicle. NASA will invest 207 million in this project to
send cargo to the International Space Station by 2010.
Search Strategy: I started my search at Galileo. I used the A to Z search to
select a database. I selected the ABI/Inform Complete database. This one of
the Proquest databases. I first used the term NASA and it brought up 36301
articles. I narrowed my search using the advanced search feature using the
term financing which reduced my search to 200 articles. I then narrowed the
search again using the magazines tab and it reduced it to 12 articles. I chose
the fourth article on this list.
Sauser, B. (2009). Building NASA's Future. Technology Review (Cambridge,
Mass.: 1998), 112(4), 80-3. Retrieved February 13, 2010, from OmniFile Full Text
Mega database.
This article describes the retiring of the Space Shuttle and introduces the new
Constellation program. It discusses this program being powered by the new Ayers
rockets. Plans are to go to the Moon and possibly Mars.
Search Strategy: I started at the Galileo site. I began by using the A to Z search
and decided to use the Wilson OmniFile: Full Text Mega Edition database. I used
the basic search with NASA as the term. It had 15,605 articles. I went to advanced
and narrowed the search by using future narrowing it to 1529 articles. I then
added plans and narrowed it to 296 articles. I then narrowed it by using full text
PDF and it narrowed it to 14 articles. I selected the first article.
Kenneth Chang. (2010, January 27). NASA to Review Plans For Human
Spaceflight :[National Desk]. New York Times (Late Edition (east
Coast)), p. A.14. Retrieved February 9, 2010, from ProQuest National Newspapers
Core. (Document ID: 1948059271).
This article discusses the future of manned space flights to the Moon. The article
discusses the decision that President Obama will make concerning the budget for these
future ventures.
Search Strategy: I went to the Galileo site. I searched the databases using the A to Z
search. I selected the Proquest link of databases. I then selected the Proquest
Newspaper database. On the search page I selected topics. I typed NASA in the search
field. It brought up 7 broad topics. I then viewed one of the seven topics. There were
7,112 documents found. I then narrowed the search by using the full text selection. It
narrowed the search to 4,936 documents. I then narrowed my search further by
selecting newspapers to reduce it to 1,792 documents. I also used the most recent to
find an article that was within the last month. I chose the second article on the list.