Course Code: MBA 104
Credit Units: 03
Course Objectives
The objective of this course is to provide the students exposure to modern marketing concepts, tools, and techniques,
and help them develop abilities and skills required for the performance of marketing functions.
Course Contents
Module I: Understanding Marketing in New Perspective
Fundamentals of Marketing, Customer Value and Satisfaction, Customer Delight, Conceptualizing Tasks and
Philosophies of Marketing Management, Value Chain, Scanning the Marketing Environment, Marketing Mix
Elements, Difference between marketing and Selling, Relationship marketing, Social marketing, Strategic Planning
in marketing, formulating the marketing plan.
Module II: Analyzing Consumers & Selecting Markets
The factors influencing consumer behavior. The stages in the buying process, the buying decision making process,
factors effecting the buying decision., Market Segmentations, Levels of Market Segmentations, Patterns,
Procedures, Requirement for Effective Segmentation, Evaluating the Market Segments, Selecting the Market
Segments, Tool for Competitive Differentiation, Developing a Positioning Strategy.
Module III: Managing Product & Pricing Strategies
Classification of products, New Product development, stages of product development, Adoption process, Product
mix decisions and line management, Length, width and depth of a line, line analysis, and brand management,
product life cycle, stages in lifecycle and factors affecting each stage, Managing product life cycles. Setting the
price, adapting the price, initiating and responding the price changes,
Module VI: Designing: Managing the Integrated Communication
Channel functions and flows. Channel design decisions. Channel management decisions. Channel
dynamics;vertical horizontal and multi channel marketing systems. Market Logistics decisions.
Effective Communication, Integrated Marketing Communication, Marketing Communication Process, Promotion
mix, Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion and Publicity and Public Relations, Direct Marketing,
Module V: Emerging Trends in Marketing
An Introduction to Internet Marketing, Multi Level Marketing, E-Marketing, Green Marketing, Event Marketing,
Types of Events, Sponsorship, Cause Related Marketing, Marketing for Non Profit Organizations Marketing
Strategies for Leaders, Challenges, Followers and Nichers
Examination Scheme
Weightage (%)
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