Question of the Day

Goals for Learning
Explain why the statehood of Kansas was an issue
for proslavery and antislavery forces
 To identify the importance of the Dred Scott Case
 To explain the importance of the Lincoln-Douglas
 To describe John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry.
 To explain the importance of the election of 1860.
Why would the state of Kansas be the site of
intense struggle between slavery and antislavery forces?
Nebraska’s long winters did not appeal to
proslavery plantation owners.
The climate was not good for growing cotton.
Kansas, on the other hand, was farther south
and was the target of settlers who favored
Proslavery and antislavery supporters wanted
to claim land in Kansas before it was admitted
to the Union.
People from New England moved to Kansas
with the help of the New England Emigrant
Aid Society.
They brought boxes of guns disguised in boxes
labeled, “Bibles”.
Southerners came from Alabama, Georgia, and
North Carolina.
They were also prepared to fight.
Kansas became a battleground for the two
The territory became known as “Bleeding
The time came to organize a territorial
government in Kansas.
An election was held: the settlers would vote
for legislators.
Just before the election, Missouri’s senator,
David R. Atchison, led a group of people into
Kansas to vote for proslavery candidates.
Proslavery candidates win the election.
The proslavery candidates that won quickly
formed a government and wrote a constitution.
This upsets the anti-slavery people, who decide
to form their own government.
Kansas now had two governments claiming to
be the legal government.
A group of proslavery men raided Lawrence,
Many people who were against slavery lived
The invaders burned buildings and one man
was killed.
Brown, a radical abolitionist, and a small band
of men attacked a proslavery group at
Pottawatamie Creek in 1856.
They killed five proslavery settlers.
These and other attacks caused 200 deaths and
over 2 million in property damage by the end
of that same year.
It was become abundantly clear….. The slave
issue would not be solved peacefully.
What caused the fighting in Kansas?
Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts
made a speech against slavery.
In his speech, Mr. Sumner insulted Senator Andrew
Butler of South Carolina. He made several belittling
remarks about the state of South Carolina.
The name-calling drew applause from the Northern
Sumner’s nephew, Preston Brooks, was
very upset about Senator Sumner’s
remarks. Brooks, a congressman, walked
into Sumner’s office and assaulted him
with a cane.
It takes Sumner almost three years to recover
from the assault.
What stood out the most…….. The violence
over slavery in Kansas, had now spread to the
halls of Congress!
Rational approaches to the problem were no
longer the answer.
Major Issue:
 Troubles in Kansas continued. The nation seemed like it
was on its way to a head on collision.
 War was starting to look inevitable.
James Buchanan
Democratic Party
Old Buck of
Was considered to be
a safe choice.
Did not get mixed up
in the Kansas mess.
Did not actively seek
the presidency.
John C. Fremont
Candidate from
Army leader from the
Mexican War
Well-known explorer
Democrats made it
known that he was a
Own Father-in-Law
did not support him.