Bleeding Kansas Video Guide

Name: ___________________________________________
“Bleeding Kansas” Video Guide
Big Idea
Guided Notes
Kansas-Nebraska Act
1854 Law that allowed for ______________________________________
in the Kansas and Nebraska Territories
 Devised by the “Little Giant” Stephen Douglas
 The expectation was that Kansas would be _________________,
Nebraska would be __________________
 Overturned the ______________________________________
Many in the North were upset
Helped lead to the creation of the _________________________ Party
Lawrence, Kansas
__________________________ city
Burned by ____________________ individuals
Exhibited the tensions in KS over popular sovereignty and slavery
Caning of Charles Sumner
Why didn’t
other senators
stop the
Who was Charles Sumner?
• Senator from _______________________
• Abolitionist
• Political speech, “______________________________________”,
criticized Douglas and Butler, Senator from SC
Enter Preston Brooks:
• Relative of _____________________
• Wanted to defend honor of the South
The caning:
• Brooks attacked Sumner at his desk with a cane
• Sumner knocked unconscious
Showed deep tensions in __________________ between North and South
Potawatomie Creek
John Brown (Harpers Ferry fame) and his sons plot revenge for Lawrence
and Charles Sumner
He and his followers ___________________ pro-slavery individuals
Brown and his followers leave Kansas
Fighting continues throughout the 1850s
Lecompton Constitution
Kansas applied for statehood
Voters could vote for a constitution with or without slavery
• HOWEVER, if they voted without slavery, those slaves that were
already in Kansas could _________________________________
Areas of Concern
• Sham election
• ________________________________ refuse to vote
President Buchanan supports the Constitution
Kansas does not become a state until early 1861, as a free state
Impact of “Bleeding Kansas”
Democratic Party split along __________________________ lines
Northern Democrats:
• ________________________________________
1860 election all but guarantees the Democrats would not win
• Abe Lincoln (_______________________ Party) wins the election
• Civil War begins shortly after