Market Plan Outline - Oakton Community College

Marketing Plan Outline
1. Company/Industry Overview
a. Profile/History
 Annual Sales of the Industry
 Sales trends of the Industry
 Type of Industry
 Company’s sales figures current and for the past 3 years
b. SBU’s: Evaluate Products or Product Lines
 Identify SBU’s (Strategic Business Units) if this applies
 Use Boston Matrix
c. Mission and Vision Statements
 Mission Statement Vision Statement/Company goals
What has made/will make us successful?
Where do we want to go?
d. SWOT Analysis
 Strengths and Weaknesses of your company
 Opportunities and Threats from Environmental Audit (see below)
e. Goals and Objectives
 Do we have the resources to achieve our goals?
2. Market Analysis/Environmental Audit
a. Environmental Audit Impact (see above)
 Economy
 Technology
 Social/Cultural Changes
 Changes in Demographics
 Political/Legal Issues
 Competitive Environment
Factors impacting the plan
b. Product Life Cycle Identified
3. Competitive Analysis
a. Identify Competition-Direct and Indirect
b. Market Share Breakdown
c. What is your competitive advantage?
d. Product Positioning or leading products
e. Industry Analysis-General state of the industry
4. Consumer Analysis/Profile
a. Market Segmentation
b. Demographics-Characteristics and Profiles
c. Target Audiences
d. Market Research-Primary/Secondary (incorporate any market research)
5. Strategy (Ansoff’s Matrix)-What Strategy will you use and why?
Market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development or Diversification
6. Market Mix Analysis (the Five P’s)
a. Product
 Packaging, branding, classification
 What makes it unique?
 Features and benefits
 How does it meet needs and wants of target market?
 Use research to prove the need
b. Place
 Where will the consumer buy the product?
 How will the product be distributed? (Channels)
c. Price
 Type of demand, pricing policy
 Price compared to competition
 Strategies/Tactics (Use research/survey to prove strategy)
d. Promotion
 Objective
 Types of media and why (Media Plan visual)
 Promotional message/tagline
 Promotional mix you would use
 Internet Marketing/Web site evaluation
 Integrated Marketing Communications Approach/Buzz Marketing
 Use of Social Media and Public Relations
e. People and Customer Service
7. Recommendations/Conclusion
Is there a global vision?
Short term and long term objectives
Future of the company depends upon?
What can be improved?