Area circumference perimeter

Area, Circumference, and
Perimeter Review
Problem 1
• Logan needs to order a
cover for his swimming
pool. The circular
swimming pool has a
radius of 17 feet. What
is the number of
square feet needed to
completely cover the
17 feet
Problem 2
• Andrea is buying a
rectangular rug that is 3
feet wide and 4 feet
long. What is the total
area that the rug will
Problem 3
• Susan has a rectangular
garden that measures 20
feet by 10 feet. What is
the least amount of
fencing that she needs to
buy in order to enclose
the garden?
Problem 4
• The diameter
of a circle is 6
feet. What is
of the circle?
Problem 5
l 4 in l
l 4 in l
• What is the area of
the large rectangle
shown if each
small square is 4
inches wide and 4
inches long?
Problem 6
• A certain wall is 13
feet by 9 feet. A can
of paint will cover
50 square feet. Will
one can of paint be