Poole College of Management Junior Advising Worksheet 2013-2014

Business Administration
Junior Advising Worksheet
Major(s)/Minor (if applicable):______________________________________________
Concentration: _________________________ (if not yet declared, go to Nelson 2150 and fill out a
Concentration Declaration form)
Consult your degree audit to plan your remaining courses (any listed beside a red “X”).
You should begin by selecting the semester in which you plan to graduate in and
working backwards. Below are some general guidelines.
1) List MIE 480 in your final semester. All prerequisites to this course (BUS 320, 350,
360, 370 & MIE 305 and 330) must be completed by the end of your second to
last semester. List any remaining major courses on your plan.
2) Your 12 hours of concentration courses should be spread evenly across your final
two semesters (i.e. 2+2). If you are concentrating in entrepreneurship, MIE 310
must be taken in your third to last semester at the latest.
3) Fill in any remaining general education requirements. Remember that some of
these courses could have prerequisites or require placement (e.g. FLS 201).
Don’t forget about free electives or any classes you are planning towards a
4) The Software Skills Test (SST) is a prereq to BUS 340. You should complete this
requirement as soon as possible.
If anything appears to be incorrect on your degree audit, please speak with your
academic advisor. NOTE: This is a tentative plan and is subject to the availability of
classes. Please consult the university course catalog and become familiar with
prerequisites, grade requirements and anticipated course offerings.
Current Courses (Spring 2013)
Summer 2013 Courses (Optional)
Fall 2013 Courses
Summer/Spring 2014 Courses*
*120 total units are required to graduate. You may participate in Spring 2014 commencement exercises if you have 8
units or less remaining at the time of the ceremony. These units must be completed during the following summer term.
Graduate School
If you are considering graduate
school, junior year is the time to
start exploring your options.
□Research the degree options
available at various universities –
look for faculty whose work
sounds interesting to you
□Become familiar with admissions
requirements, application
procedures, timelines, and
funding opportunities
□Enroll in any prerequisites
required for your target program
Career and Internship
Development in Business
□ Meet with a Poole College of
Management career coach to
fine tune your resume and
conduct a mock interview
□ Attend Poole Career
Development workshops
□ Register and submit your
resume on ePack for internship
and fulltime positions
□ Attend the Poole College of
Management Career Fair
□ Arrange for informational
interviews and job shadowing
experiences with professionals
whose positions, responsibilities,
and career paths you want to
learn more about
□ Network!
Choosing a Concentration
Human Resource Management
Information Technology
Operations/Supply Chain Management
□ Review details listed here
□ Discuss concentration options with a faculty member in the concentrations
which interest you
□ Join and become active in Business-related student organizations
□ For a variety of resources such as career assessments, visit the NC State How
to Decide on a Major page http://www.ncsu.edu/majorscareers/decide_major/