renaissance - Rachel-Ellen-Rose

Ellen Rogers
The Arnolfini Wedding Portrait
By: Jan Van Eyck
Giovanni Arnolfini is a merchant and this
is his wife in their home in Bruges.
Kiss of Judas
By: Giotto
A.K.A. the betrayal of Jesus
La Primavera
By: Sandro Botticelli
Venus is standing in the middle of this
picture. Cupid is above, aiming an arrow at
the Charites.
The Pastoral Concert
By: Giorgione Giorgio Barbarelli
Two mostly nude females and two fully
clothed men. The landscape is lucious.
The Cherub
By: Leonardo da Vinci
A picture of a baby angel with a woman
who is not noticing the actions around
The Women with the Unicorn
By: Raphael
One interpretation of this painting is
that the unicorn represents Christ.
Pallas and Centaur
By: Sandro Botticelli
The centaur has trespassed and is
being punished by Pallas Athena
Adam and Eve
By: Michelangelo
This depicts the fall and expulsion
from the garden of Eden.
Anatomical Lecture
By: Rembrandt van Rijn
The anatomy lecture of Dr. Tulp.
Dr. Tulp is giving an explanation of the
The Birth of Venus
By: Sandro Botticelli
Venus is being born.
Let the Little Children Come Unto Me
By: Lucas Cranach the Elder
Jesus is calling the little kids to him.
The Mona Lisa
By: Leonardo da Vinci
A painting of a women or the
renaissance. It is a realism portrait.
School of Athens
By: Rafael
The painting is of an ancient school in
Greece. Greek philosophers and ancient
scientists can be found in the painting.
The Last Supper
By: Leonardo da Vinci
A painting of Jesus’ last supper with
his disciples.
By: Leonardo da Vinci
The angel Gabriel is revealing to Mary
God’s plan for her.
Vitruvian Man
By: Leonardo da Vinci
Depicts a male in two superimposed
Maesto Madonna
By: Duccio
Madonna of the Graces.
A tribute to the Virgin Mary.
Procession of the Middle King
By: Benozzo Gozzoli
The Middle King is on horseback with
his men surrounding him while on a
The Entombment
By: Michelangelo
Two servants are carrying Jesus into the
tomb while mourners surround him.
The Baptism of Christ
By: Leonardo da Vinci
John the Baptist is baptizing Christ.