Research and APA Reference Page

Arthur Conan Doyle &
Sherlock Holmes Research/ APA Reference Page
Use the internet, preferably reputable cites, to find information on topics related to Arthur
Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, and the Victorian Era. Please use complete sentences for
each response.
When you find information, be sure to cite the sources on a correctly formatted reference
page. This should be a separate page and you should pay attention to details- spacing,
capitalization, punctuation, alphabetical order, etc.. You should use a minimum of three
1. What was Conan Doyle’s original profession? How did this background influence his
crime/detective short stories?
2. Who is Sherlock Holmes and why is he considered one the greatest detectives of all
3. Describe 221B Baker Street in London during the Victorian Age.
4. What/where is the “moor”? Why is it significant to The Hound of Baskervilles?
5. What drugs does Holmes use quite frequently? Why is this considered acceptable by
some, but not so much by Dr. Watson?
6. What modern television show, which began in 2004, draws heavily on the Holmes
archetype? (Hint: the main character uses psychology to solve a case, is reluctant
to accept cases he does not find interesting, has a drug addiction, lives in apartment
221B, has complete disregard for social mores, and relying on his confidant and
sounding board, Dr. James Wilson.