Saved In Powerpoint File - Traditional Catholic Sermons

1) Make frequent use of holy water.
2) Often use exclamations like Jesus,
Mary, and Joseph.
3) Love the Mass, the greatest thing in
your life.
4) Frequent Communion means God
is often in your heart.
5) Remember Holiness and
Cheerfulness go together.
6) Your good life and example is a
real good sermon.
7) By your Morning offering you offer
up the whole day.
8) Always bow your head at the name
of Jesus.
9) Always carry a Rosary -- pray the
Rosary daily.
10)Look at a Crucifix; think, How God
loves me.
11)Don’t pass a church without saying
“hello” to God.
12)Learn to make a little sacrifice each
13)God does not like hurry and worry.
14)Whatever your work, always do it
well for God.
15)Be kind to all people, to please
16)All through life, help the poor.
17)Visit the sick to please God.
18)You must help priests win back
fallen-away Catholics.
19)Try to lead others to the true
20)Do a little Catholic reading
21)Follow Our Lord’s footsteps by
saying the Stations.
22)Pray for those dying today in mortal
23)Remember to pray for the poor souls
in Purgatory.
24)Begin and end the day right with
25)Be patient in troubles, big and small.
26)The Blessed Mother is your Mother
--- pray to Her.
27)Be happier in knowing God then in
knowing anything else.
28)Be considerate of others’ feelings
and wishes.
29)Follow God’s wishes, rather than
your own.
30)Do some act of kindness each day.
31)Never go where your Guardian
Angel would not feel at home.
32)Your motto: Always a Christian
gentleman (lady).
33)Smile your way to Heaven.
34)Avoid persons, places, things which
lead to sin.
35)Try to go regularly to one confessor.
36)Be careful not to waste precious time.
37)Remember your soul is more
important than your body.
38)Pray to the saint after whom you are
39)When you see something beautiful,
remember God is more so.
40)Join up with some (traditional) parish
41)Guard your tongue against unclean
and uncharitable speech.
42)In your problems, pray to the Holy
Spirit for light and strength.
43)Pray to St. Joseph, the patron of a
happy death.
44)Never be discouraged;
discouragement comes from the
45)You live in a pagan world; you need
46)Always keep a religious picture in
your home.
47)Follow the Mass with a prayer book.
48)Take things from God, not for
granted, but with gratitude.
49)Read books which bring you
closer to God.
50)Pick out such friends as to bring
you closer to God.
51)Forgive injuries, as God forgives
52)When sad, think of the joys of
Heaven which await you.
53)Fear sin, because it can destroy you
in hell.
54)Hate sin because it is ingratitude to
55)Be loyal to God, your Church, your
56)Try to know your religion well and
live it well.
57)Never be ashamed of your True
Catholic Faith.
58)Have great respect for priests, who
take God’s place.
59)Often say: “Lord, increase my Faith.”
60)Your Guardian Angel is always with
Advice For A
Happy Life