Father, we come before you today to worship you

Father, I come boldly into your Throne Room to pray and worship your Holy Name
today. I come with honor and reverence to say thanks for allowing us to wake up to a
beautiful day. I love you Father for your unfailing love, mercy and grace. If it were not
because of your redemptive plan, where would we be today? Awesome and Magnificent
God and the one who is able to do the impossible, I call on you because I know that you
will find pleasure when your people pray. You have kept us despite our failings. You
allowed Jesus to die for our sins.
Father thank you for helping us to be sincere, and hating what is evil but cling to what is
good. We ask you to enable us when temptation comes to take your escape. Help us not
to be boastful or arrogant or put ourselves above others, but to honor one another.
I ask you also to help us in our individual needs, never lacking in doing good, but keep
our Spiritual demeanor in serving you and doing your will. Help those who are going
through struggles of depression, frustration, anger, lack of finance to meet their basic
needs. I pray for those that are serving in other countries for the security of this land that
you have so graciously entrusted to your people to manage. Therefore, Lord, for those
whose hands you have entrusted this country. I pray they use your wisdom to guide it in
the right directions that will be pleasing to you. Give them
Help us to be joyful in hope, be very patient in trials and affliction, and be very fervent in
our prayer lives. People need you Lord, and we ask you to make us strong when we feel
weak or faint to do your will. Help us not to turn away but stand ready to uplift others
and share your love with people who are in need.
Help us to practice hospitality in this world. We see news on the TV, we hear it through
our radios, about areas in this world that have or are going through all sorts of trials and
tribulations. Father, help us to see them through your eyes and enable us to have the
strength, ability and resources to render aides.
Help us Father in our own homes, with our families, to look with compassionate eyes and
see the needs of our children and family. Help us to think well of other members of the
body of Jesus Christ in our churches, in our neighborhoods, our communities, our country
and others around your world.
Sustain us and watch over us as we do your bidding and serve you. Thank you Lord, for
this time of prayer. It is in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.