MÖLKKYRULES Pins are numbered from 1

Pins are numbered from 1 - 12. Throwing skittle is called Mölkky. A pin is not considered fallen if it
is leaning on another pin or the mölkky. After a throw, fallen pins are put upright at the place where
they fell. When pins go near a solid object (for example wall), pins are moved away from the object
so that the throwing skittle fits between the pin and the object.
The throwing style is free.
The score: If one pin falls, the score = The number of the pin
When more than one falls, the score = The number of fallen pins.
If the team has not made any points in 3 throws on a row, team will lose 50-0. Game ends when
first team reaches exactly 50 points. If points go over 50 team will drop to 25 points.
Sides of the Mölkkframe are set to 45 degree angle and thrower has to leave the frame backwards,
if the thrower goes forward and/or sideways, it is a foul and throw is the called as a miss (0 points).
Also touching the Mölkframe is a foul. (When the team has 37 points or more, foul will be
penalized by dropping the points to 25)
Pins are in the specific formation
in the pack
3-4 m
Games are played with official Tuoterengas Mölkkypacks. Pack is set 3-4 m from Mölkkframe. In
official games the distance is 3,5 m.
Playing order in the game can be determined in many ways. For example, when there are two
players or teams playing against each other, a coin toss is a recommended way to choose who
starts the game. Winner will choose which player/team will start. Following game will then start by
the other team/player.
When there are multiple teams in the game, order is decided in the draw. Every teams plays first,
second and so on in mixed order.
In even scores the order of the teams will be decided by: 1) Reciprocal games, 2) Rounds in
reciprocal games, 3) Points in reciprocal games, 4) Rounds in all games, 5) Points of all games,
6) Draw. In even scores there is also a possibility to play Mölkout, which is a fast game to solve the
Finnish International Mölkky Association has a right to change or interpret these rules.