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Taxation of
Kevin Doughan, BCL, TEP
Head of Probate - Holmes O’Malley Sexton
Monday, 2nd November 2015
Inheritance Tax
Capital acquisitions tax
• Covers inheritance and gift tax
• Current rate of CAT- 33% CAT
payable if
A) Deceased
resident/ordinary resident in
Ireland or
B) beneficiary is
resident/ordinary resident in
C) Assets are situated in
If a or b applies- a worldwide
Beneficiary Based Tax
Tax Free
• Depends on degree of relationship
• Group A- children, and minor children of a predeceased child
(includes Step children, adopted children and foster children
(criteria apply))- €225,000 (2015)
• Group B- brother, sister, niece, nephew, and grandchildren€30,150
• Group C- everyone else-€15,075
• Determined by blood connection- in-laws are not your
relatives (Common mistake)
• Aggregation system- 5th December 1991- bundling benefits
together- reduces threshold available.
• Pre-Death• A well thought out Will.
• Power of Appropriation- allows Executors or Trustees to redirect assets to specific beneficiaries who may qualify for
reliefs to minimise Tax.
• Post Death• Disclaimers- no obligation on any beneficiary to accept an
inheritance. A disclaimer can be used to direct an inheritance
to beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner.
• Succession Rules determines who benefits- not always the
intended result.
• Word of Caution- professional advice should be sought on the
correct application of disclaimers
Reliefs- Spouses and Civil Partners
• Exempt from CAT.
• Must be spouse/civil partner- a divorced spouse is no longer
your spouse.
• Does not apply to co-habitants.
Surviving spouse relief.
• Where a spouse of a deceased relative inherits.
• Spouse qualifies for threshold that relative would have had.
• Automatically applies- so can in rare occasions can have
adverse consequences.
Small Gift Exemption
• The first €3,000 from any person is exempt from CAT.
• Applies only to gifts not inheritances.
• Effective way of passing wealth while alive.
• Over 20 years you could pass €60,000 to a person tax free.
Dwelling-house relief
• Applies to dwelling houses.
• Exempt from CAT irrespective of value or relationship to
• A) 3 years occupancy before date of inheritance.
• Must not have an interest in another house (including a
foreign house).
• If under 55, must continue to occupy the dwelling-house for
further 6 years. Can be sold, but must re-invest fully in a new
dwelling within a year. Partial investment= partial claw-back
• No claw-back if sold as beneficiary needs long term nursing
home care or due to employment circumstances
Agricultural relief.
• Applies to agricultural property/Assets.
• Market value is reduced by 90%- only 10% is subject to CAT.
• Applies to farmland, machinery, livestock, farm buildings, and
single farm payments.
• Test- 80% of assets held on valuation date must be agricultural
in nature.
• Claw-back if sold within 6 years and not replaced with
agricultural property.
• Conditional bequest- to acquire agricultural property.
• Budget 2014 changes- must be active farmer or lands let to
person who is an active farmer for 6 years.
Other reliefs
Business Relief
Favourite nephew relief.
Exemption of certain inheritances by parents
(must have taken a non-exempt gift or inheritance from child
within 5 years of death of child)
• Section 72 type policies of insurance- where used to pay CAT.
• Exemption relating to qualifying expenses of incapacitated
persons (See above).
• Group a threshold- for parents inheriting an absolute interest
from children.
Discretionary Trust Tax
• Encourages trustees to pay out from trusts
• 6% initial Levy
• IL applies on the latest of a) Death of testator, b) date trust created,
c) date upon which no principal objects under 21
• Payable within 4 months of valuation date
• Annual levy of 1% of value of funds on 31st December each year
• Refund of Initial levy if trust ceases within 5 years.
• Trusts exclusive for incapacitated beneficiaries- Exempt
• Tip- Set up separate trusts.
Capital Gains Tax
• Tax on the increase in value of assets.
• No CGT arises on assets passed to a beneficiary under a
• Will only arise in an estate if there is a disposal/sale of assets.
• Assets inherited at market value at date of death- BASE COST
• If there is a loss, can be set-off against other gains in the
• If no gains- loss will remain unused.
• Consider the transfer of the assets to a beneficiary so he/she
can use the loss.
• Losses cannot be carried back- can only be carried forward.
Income Tax
• Executors are responsible for pre-death income and to file
appropriate tax returns.
• Post death income belongs to estate and liable to flat rate of
income tax @ 20%.
• Any income received during administration of the estate is
paid net of income tax to beneficiary.
• A form R185 (notice of tax deductions) should be given to
beneficiary to claim credit for tax deducted.
• Tax assessed on gross income in hands of beneficiary.
Recent Budget 2016 changes
• The only change made by the recent budget increased the
Group A threshold- gifts/inheritances by children from parents
to €280,000.
• Applies to benefits received from the 12th October 2015.
• No changes to other tax groups.
• The change is the start of the process to increase
incrementally the threshold to €500,000 over next 3-4 years.
• Rate of CAT remains @ 33%
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