Job Specification ()

SAKOMA Development Worker
Hours: Half Time (18.5 hours)
Employed by: RCRE
Line Manager: nominated SAKOMA
executive committee member
Key responsibilities:o To research the composition and needs of newly arrived EU
immigrants and other first generation immigrant communities from
Africa and South Asia with a view to providing support and
community development services
o To establish the capabilities, concerns and support needs of the
beneficiary groups, be an advocate for and support them in accessing
facilities and building capacity to meet their constituents’ needs
o To develop the engagement of beneficiary groups with other
representative fora and support partnerships, enhancing their influence
with strategic partners and agencies
o To facilitate and support the beneficiary groups working together,
sharing knowledge & resources and working on projects in partnership
with other faith groups
o To work with identified groups from African countries to build mutual
understanding, trust and confidence in voluntary sector organisations
and develop relationships with the statutory agencies
o To work with other Building for Strength development workers in
engaging and supporting groups within African communities and
harder to reach faith groups, establishing needs and developing a
training and development programme to build organisational capacity
o To contribute to the overall aims of the project by sharing
outcomes/best practice, local intelligence and engage with local,
regional or national community development and capacity building
network meetings as appropriate