Ms. Highsmith's Art Guide to drawing demo of a Chinese person for grades 2-5:
Step # 1
Tell students today we are going to draw a person boy or female wearing a traditional Chinese
Step # 2
Draw a oval for the head.
Step # 3
Draw a upside down U for the torso or chest.
Step # 4
Close the U with a smiley face from one side to the other.
Step # 5
Add two diagonal lines on the sides of belly area.
Step # 6
Draw in two (2) lines for the neck and then connect to curved lines from wrist to bottom of neck.
Step # 7
Draw rectangular shape for bottom with rounded edges.
Step # 8
Draw two small U-like shapes for the hands under the sleeves.
Step # 9
Begin to add details and designs.
Step #10
Students will choose girl or boy character and draw ears and facial features.
Step # 11
Draw a horizon line that goes behind character, mountains, cityscape, clouds, sun, moon, birds etc. to
add to image.
Step #12
Color in image using all available art materials such as crayons, colored pencils, markers, oil pastels,
or watercolor paints.