Rigorous Curriculum Design in Middle School Mathematics

Andrea Fraser Mundo, [email protected]
Jeanne Cook Yenco, [email protected]
 What is rigorous curriculum?
 Steps for Building a Strong Curriculum Foundation
 Steps for Designing a RCD unit of study
 Examples of RCD units in math for grades 6, 7, and 8.
 Where to find more RCD units.
Rigorous Curriculum
 An inclusive set of intentionally aligned components –
clear learning outcomes with matching assessments,
engaging learning experiences, and instructional
strategies – organized into sequenced units of study
that serves both the detailed road map and the highquality delivery system for ensuring that all students
achieve the desired end: the attainment of the
designated grade – or course specific standards within
a particular content area.
Rigorous Curriculum Design
 A process, Not an event
 Multi years to complete (cohort) – incremental steps
over time
 Need to see the big picture
 Each year modify, adjust, and improve the units of
Building a Strong Curricular Foundation
Step 1 : Prioritize the Standards
Step 2: Name the Units of Study
Step 3: Assign Priority Standards and Supporting
Step 4: Prepare a Pacing Calendar
Step 5: Construct the Unit Planning Organizer
Designing the Curricular
Unit of Study
Twelve Steps
1) “Unwrap” the unit priority standard
2) Create a graphic organizer
3) Decide the big ideas and essential questions
4) Create the end-of-unit assessment
5) Create the unit pre-assessment
6) Identify additional vocabulary terms,
interdisciplinary connections, and 21st-century
learning skills. (Profile of South Carolina Graduate)
Profile of the South Carolina Graduate
Designing the Curricular
Unit of Study
Twelve Steps - continued
7) Plan engaging learning experiences
8) Gather instructional resource materials
9) Recommend effective instruction, differentiation,
intervention, special education, and English
Language Learner Strategies
10) Detail the unit planning organizer
11) Create informal progress-monitoring checks
12) Write the weekly plan; design the daily lesson
RCD unit for 8th Grade - Functions
 RCD Unit planning organizer – Green Thumb – 8th
Performance Task Details
Task 1
Task 2 and Rubric
Task 3
Task 4
Task 5
Assessments 1, 2, 3
RCD unit for 6th grade – Expressions and
Equations and Geometry
 RCD Unit planning organizer – Mystery of the
Unknown – 6th
Task – Calendar Project
Task – Four Square Report and Example
Pre- Test and Answer Key
Post Test and Answer Key
RCD unit for 7th grade –
Expressions and Equations
 RCD Unit planning organizer – Census – 7th math
 Tasks Resources pg. 527-528
 Pre-Test and Answer Key
 Post Test and Answer Key
Questions and Resources
Contact Information
 Andrea Fraser Mundo, [email protected]
 Jeanne Cook Yenco, [email protected]
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CODE for today’s session:
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