Date: November 11, 2014 PVI-5000/6000-TL

Date: November 11, 2014
PVI-5000/6000-TL-OUTD application for French Market
Dear Valued Customer,
With this notice we make you aware that the product families PVI-5000-TL-OUTD and PVI-6000-TL-OUTD, including
all derived models and customizations, have been designed to be used only for applications that allow using AC type
circuit breaker including Residual Current Device (RCD) with tripping current of 300 mA, so as to prevent false
tripping. Using RCDs with lower tripping current there could be some external conditions that increase the leakage
current and possible trips can occur.
Related to this indication please note that the two solar inverter families mentioned above cannot be used for the
applications in French market that require 30mA RCD.
Giacomo Bambi
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