Powerpoint 12th grade _15-_16


BHS Guidance Staff

Mrs. Beck: 9 th & 10 th Grade

Mrs. Pilant: 11th Grade

Mrs. Isaac: 12th Grade

Mrs. Radford: College/Career Counselor

**Ms. Dawidow: Records Clerk

We ’ re all here to help YOU!


Name __________________________ Date __/___/___

Period 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Grade 9 10 11 12



Time leaving ____________ Time Returning ___________

Teacher _________________________________________

Counselor: Isaac


Class Rank-based on GPA

Number of students in class - 255


EOC Tests

Credits earned

Questions?? See Mrs. Isaac

Promotion Requirements

To be a Senior this year… you must have 16 credits and have passed English 11

Graduation Paths

TN Diploma


 English……..4 Units

 Math………..4 Units

 Science…….3 Units

(Chem/Phys. Must be one)

 US History…1 Unit

 World Hist/Geog …..1 Unit

 Economics……1/2 Unit

 US Gov ’ t….1/2 Unit

 Personal Finance…1/2 Unit

 PE….1/2 Unit

 Wellness…. 1 Unit

 Fine Arts……….1 Unit

 Same Foreign Lang...2 Units

 Focus Elect. Area….3 Units

Total……22 Units

New State Requirements

 You must earn 16 credits and must pass English 9, 10,

& 11 to be a Senior.

 You must earn 22 credits to graduate

 3 of those credits must be in the same Focus Elective


Focus Elective Requirements

4 You must chose a path and stick to it!

4 You must have 3 units in one concentrated area of study

You can not combine classes in different areas of study to make up a Focus Group

Focus Clusters at Bartlett

a) Math and Science b) Liberal Arts and Humanities c) International Business d) Business Finance e) Fine Arts f) Advanced Placement (AP) g) Journalism, Film and TV h) Stem Concentration

Focus Clusters at Bartlett

Example #1: Math & Science Focus

1. Alg. 1 (from 8 th gr.)

2. Physical Science (from 8 th gr.)

3. Human Anatomy & Physiology

Example #2: Fine Arts Focus

1. Art I

2. Film & Video I

3. Film & Video II

Focus Clusters at Bartlett

Example #3: Advanced Placement

1. AP Biology

2. AP Spanish

3. AP Calculus

Example #4: Business Finance

1. Accounting

2. Business Principles & Business Management

( both ½ sem. Courses)

3. Computer Applications

Focus Electives


The TN Diploma Project: requires that you have the following electives:

 1. Fine Arts –1Unit

 If you chose to opt out of a

Fine Arts / Foreign Lang.

You will need an additional Focus



to replace each that you opt-out of.

 Example:  2. Two years of the same

Foreign Language - 2 Units

 Fine Arts = 1

 3. Three Focus Elect. from the same category – 3 Units  No Foreign Lang. = 0


 Need 2 additional focus elect. to equal 6.

 Total = 6 Electives

 1 Fine arts + 3 focus elect.

+ 2 addt’l focus elect. = 6 units

How is




A=93-100 (4pts)

B=85-92 (3pts)

C=75-84 (2pts)

D=70-74 (1pt)

F= Below 70 (0pts)

• Honors class add 3pts

• AP class add 5pts

• * AP class add 5pts

End of Course Testing


End of course tests will be administrated in the Spring.

Students will earn credits determined at the end of Semester 2 which includes the test score. This test grade will count 25% of the 2 nd semester grade. This 25% could mean the difference in passing and failing the class.

End of Course Testing

(EOC Classes)

The following classes have EOC Tests in the Spring:

1. Alg. 1, Alg. 2, Geometry

2. Biology, Chemistry

3. English 9, 10, & 11

4. US History

Course Recovery

Course Recovery is available if a student has completed the required hours in the classroom, but only scored 50-69 for the semester. Students may be referred to

Course Recovery and it will be held after school. The start dates will be announced.

Please see Mrs. Isaac to sign up.

Powerschool Access

Web Portal to access grades 24/7

Student ID & Passwords have been issued as of Sept. 5, 2015

If you/parent lose the info, then you/they must come in person to the guidance office, show ID, and pay

$1 to receive a new copy!

If you wake up feeling like you have the flu…

…it is still YOUR responsibility to collect YOUR work!

Guidance will not collect your work!

It is your responsibility to email your teachers

(use Powerschool), or ask a friend to pick up your assignments!

Academic Success 101

Keep an agenda book!!

4 Review each night

4 Correct tests/homework

4 See teachers for tutoring

-see Mrs. Pilant for peer tutoring

Set goals for yourself…write out your goals, and make a plan!

Steps to Follow for Driver’s


Driver’s Permit

& Driver’s License

You must sign up for a compulsory attendance form in the attendance office.

You must take this to get a permit or license.

You must pass 3 classes- full credits

(not semester)

Driver’s License Rules

If you have 10 consecutive absences or 15 days in a semester the state will suspend your license.

1st OffenseState will take your license until grades and attendance improve and the next report card is issued.

2nd OffenseState will take your license until you reach 18 years old.

You must pay a reinstatement fee of $400 to get your license back.

Important Tests

ASVAB - September 22, 2015

What: Military Aptitude Test-Great test for Career


When & Where: September 22nd at 7:00 a.m. in the


Study Hall Room.

Sign-up dates for ASVAB:

Monday, September 8 through Friday, September, 18,


Seniors get first choice…only 100spots available.


To register: www.actstudent.org

Test Dates:

2015 Dates

Sept. 12

Oct. 2 4

Dec. 12

Register by:

Aug. 7

Sept. 18

Nov. 6

Click on Registration at top and follow directions

2016 Dates

Feb. 9

April 9

June 11

Jan. 8

March 4

May 6

ACT Prep

BHS School Code: -ACT website

430-070 -Free Practice tests in Guidance

- ACT PREP class at BHS

B H S G r a d u a t i o n

 When: Monday, May 16, 2016

 Where: Bellvue Baptist


 Time: 7:00p.m.

 Must Have Cap & Gown from

Jostens to participate

Graduation Tickets

 Bartlett High School will use tickets for admission to graduation.

 All graduates will receive graduation tickets


 Tickets will be issued in late April or early May


 All family members and guests will be required to present a ticket for admission, NO EXCEPTIONS!

 There will be no replacement tickets issued.


Balfour’s Invitation Order Day:

 Wednesday, October 28, 2015; 10:00-12:00 p.m. during lunch

Balfour’s Cap and Gown Order Day:

• Wed./Thurs., October 3rd & 4th, 2015; 10:00 a.m. –

12:00p.m. during lunch

**Cap and Gown Fee: TBA**

All graduating Seniors must order their cap and gowns from Balfour’s (901) 759-0116

(can not purchase cap and gown from any other vendor)

Senior Panoramic Picture

Senior Class Panoramic Picture:

 When: Monday, November 2, 2015

 Time: 8:00 a.m.

 Where: Bartlett HS, location TBA

Senior Class Fees

 Senior Fees for Project Graduation are $60.00, and are due on Dec. 11,


 The fees are collected by Mr.

Gideon the Assistant Principal, and the fees cover all Senior activities such as the Senior picnic, Grizzlies tickets, t-shirts, etc. (for more details contact Mr. Gideon at (901)

373-2620, ext. 240)

Life after BHS…what to do?

Skills and Interest Inventories

College/Military Recruiter Visits

4 College/Career Fairs

4 BHS Counselors

College/Career Fairs


Monday, September 28


Bartlett High School

Tuesday, September 29

5:00-6:30 p.m.

College Research



Select 10 Colleges you would like to attend

Select 1 dream school

Make a portfolio www.fastweb.com

for scholarship search

TN HOPE Scholarship

4 $3500/year: 4 year TN school


$3000/year: 2 year TN school

Must have 21 composite ACT


3.0 cumulative GPA

Apply at www.fafsa.ed.gov

$$ Financial Aid


based on income

*Loans- money must be paid back

*Work Study- work on campus; money earned goes towards education expenses

*You AND a parent need a PIN number; apply now at www.pin.ed.gov

*Apply for Hope Scholarship, grants, loans, and work study after January 1 st at www.fafsa.ed.gov

*Financial Aid Night- Monday, November 5 TH , 6pm-7pm

College and Career Info

Visit CollegeforTN.org to explore and find out about all of the information listed below:

 Career Planning Tools

 High School Planning Tools

 College Planning Tools

 Financial Aid Planning Tools

 Portfolio Help Tools

Weekly Parent Email

 Mrs. Radford sends out a weekly parent email; you can also have your email address added.

 Information included: college recruiter visits, financial aid/scholarships, NCAA/NAIA

Clearinghouses AND MORE!

 It is YOUR responsibility to have your parents email

Mrs. Radford to be added to the email list

 Mrs. Radford’s email: jradford@bartlettschools.org

Let’s Review…


1) 4 Year Plan and Transcript

2) Grade Point Average/Class Rank

3) Path – TN Diploma Project

4) Focus Electives

5) Credits to be a Senior

6) Grading Scale


7) Important Dates- Tests & College


8) Driver ’ s License

9) Academic Success 101

10) Course Recovery

11) Graduation

11) Life After BHS