APES Ch 12 Study Guide Agriculture and Farming

APES Ch 12 Study Guide Agriculture and Farming
1. The root cause of food insecurity is.
2. The term undernutrition refers to people who consume.
3. The term malnutrition refers to people who consume:
4. Anemia may be the result of a deficiency in:
5. The term overnutrition refers to:
6. A famine occurs when there is a severe shortage of food potentially accompanied by:
7. Both the underfed/underweight and the overfed/overweight face similar health problems,
potentially including:
8. Of the estimated 50,000 plant species that people can eat, only ____ of them supply an
estimated 90% of the world's food calories.
9. Which type of agriculture is most characteristic of developing countries?
10. The major goal of industrialized agriculture for any crop has been to steadily increase its:
11. What are crops that are commonly grown in plantation agriculture?
12. Slash and burn agriculture is a type of:
13. Industrialized agriculture requires large inputs of:
14. People in the United States spend how much of their disposable income on food?
15. People in developing countries spend how much of their income on food?
16. Transferring genes between different species that would not interbreed in nature results
17. What is the largest cause of soil erosion?
18. When the productive potential of soil, especially on arid or semiarid land, falls by 10% or
more because of prolonged drought and human activities, it is called:
19. Repeated irrigation in dry climates leads to soil degradation of the upper layers by
buildup of salts, a process called:
20. Adding water until the water table rises and envelops the deep roots of plants resulting in
a loss of productivity, ultimately killing them, is called:
21. One of the most important characteristics of a pesticide is how long it will stay deadly in
the environment, a characteristic called:
22. The advantages of modern synthetic pesticides include:
23. Alternatives to using pesticides include:
24. In alley cropping crops are planted:
25. Modern synthetic pesticides have several disadvantages including:
26. Every person in a give area having enough nutritious food to live an active, healthy
lifestyle is known as:
27. The practice of raising marine and freshwater fish in ponds and underwater cages is
28. Types of pesticides include:
29. DDT is a type of pesticide that is produced in a laboratory, therefore it is considered to be
30. One in ____ people worldwide suffers from a deficiency of one or more vitamins and
31. What three grain crops provide 47% of all the food calories?