Research Study into Effectiveness of Risk Control Measures to

Research Study into Effectiveness of Risk Control Measures to Reduce Occupational
Exposure to Pesticides
PASS hosted a focus group of 10 farmers on 20th October 2008, as part of the research
being conducted by Associate Professor Lyn Fragar from the Australian Centre for
Agricultural Health and Safety
The aim is to help farmers in Australia to reduce exposure to pesticides. The object is
to investigate:
1. How well current pesticide label safety directions registered for use in Australia
align with best practice Occupational Health and Safety risk management,
2. How pesticide users and handlers in agriculture comply with label specifications
for safety, and what are the impediments to compliance with pesticide safety
directions, and
3. The availability and accessibility to farmers, the range of effective personal
protective clothing and equipment for use when handling pesticides.
If you agree to participate in this study, you will be asked to participate in one of
seven focus group discussions that are being conducted across Australia. We are
interested in your opinion on how personal protective equipment and clothing is used
when you use agricultural pesticides. There are no right or wrong answers.