Read "The Border Patrol State", and answer the each question.
Don’t use any source. Answer each questions (don’t write like one essay includes
six question. Just answer each question.
How does Silko establish ethos? What examples (from her life experiences and
other sources) make you trust her insight on this topic? If you don't trust her,
why not? How do you feel the information she gives, such as where she was
going or facts she includes, help to establish ethos?
Answer the question no more than 170 words. And, end your post with a
question to the class that relates to the reading. This will enable us to have
more interaction and lively conversations.
How Silko could have added more details to her narrative argument?
Answer the question no more than 100 words.
Tips for success in the answer:
pathos = emotion
ethos = trust and believability
logos = logic
~What is ethos? This is where the author persuades by showing credibility. Does the
reader believe the writer is an expert or knowledgeable?
Where do you find it? Ethos is found in such aspects as the quality of the
writing, the prestige of the publication where the writing is printed, research presented
(also an aspect of logos), quotes from reliable sources, the author's credentials and
past experience (sometimes an aspect of pathos), and even the use of good logic (also
an aspect of logos). This shows how ethos, pathos, and logos can overlap and be
dependent on one another.
Please write your own word. Make sure that you use quotes from the
readings sparingly and express the majority of your posts in your own
Add to the answer with new information or ideas. (Read sample of the
answers, and bring new idea in your own words.)