Kristen Hartmann Activity 1: The subject area I searched for a

Kristen Hartmann
Activity 1:
1) The subject area I searched for a database under was Education. I think the
first result would be the best database to use because it specifically mentions
‘trends’ in education, and technology has been a huge trend in education over
the past decade.
2) InfoTrac Newsstand would probably be the most useful Newspaper resource.
Activity 2:
I used the business category, with the subcategory of marketing to find the database
‘Business Source Complete’. I am a marketing major, so I thought it would be
beneficial to know what is currently going on in marketing news. This database has
over fifteen different formats of sources including newspapers, dissertations, case
studies, and SWOT analysis. The first article I found was a report titled The Effect of
Social Media Marketing Content on Consumer Engagement: Evidence from
Facebook. The second useful source was an article from an academic journal titled
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Why Does It Fail?