OPIM 3101 Case Study

Consumers Drive Business
Mobility Strategy
Why Mobility Strategy
Staying Competitive
Success Stories
Consumers Drive Business
As mobile devices become
a bigger part of a
customer’s everyday life,
we need to find a way to
interact with customers on
a more technological level
More and more customers
are looking for easier ways
to accomplish tasks on
their mobile devices
Mobility for our customers
A mobility strategy is a way a
business can connect with
customers by using their
handheld devices
“The pervasiveness of mobile
computing is forcing
companies to rethink their
business models, reinvent
their organizations and rewire
their operations in order to
reap the benefits and
overcome the challenges of
enterprise mobility.”
Why Mobility Strategy
Recent Mobility Success
Pepsi Bottling Group
Instead of carrying hardcopy,
Pepsi reps equipped with Pocket
PC’s for access to their central
database wirelessly
Created enterprise-wide Mobile
Device Management platform that
managed and maintained all devices
connected to the company
Improved performance by boosting
sales & Lowering printing costs.
Connected world-wide users & allowed
management of all devices from one location
Increased speed to market getting out
new product.
Ensured data delivery without wireless coverage
Reduced disputes
Scalability for current and future devices
Extensive security system
Mobile App Market Expanding
Growth of Mobile Apps
The New Table Stakes
Liberty ‘Home Gallery’ –
Home inventory
Geico ‘App’ – Multi faceted.
State Farm ‘Move Tools’
Allstate – for Cyclists
An app takes customer
service to a whole new
Provide business and
personal customers with
comprehensive claims
service at the touch of a
Claim Tracking
Deliver risk management
Put our customers
directly in contact with
local contractors
Provides emergency
contacts when needed
Provide Agent updates
• Policy Information
• Quick Claim service
• Claim Tracking
• Risk Management
• Find a local Contractor,
Service Center or Adjuster.
Allow customers to begin
the claims process by
providing forms available
on the app so they won’t
have to wait on hold.
This technology would
expedite claims processes
Provide loss control
advice in a timely manner.
Collect needed information
from the customer without
them contacting a live
Deliver Quicker service
Reduces insurer costs of
answering customer calls.
Enhanced Experiences
Auto Accident?
Customer Complaint?
• Quick and safe reporting
• Access to Insure All best
• Reduce Duration
• Claim tracking
• Expert Legal advice at
your fingertips.
• Reduce Severity of loss.
Who Will Benefit From It
Anyone with a
With a better customer
service base, InsurAll will
also benefit from Happy
customers, and reduces
costs of providing great
customer service.
Exceptional customer service
Expedite claim process
Instant response customer service
Reduces cost of customer service
• Quality will vary
• Not everyone has a smartphone
• Some might prefer in person
• Expanding claim services as the
demand increases
• Cost of insurance could become
• With any use of technology comes
a high chance of the device and
service being hacked
• Loss of jobs
By leveraging existing
technology we can deliver a
great product at reasonable
cost. More complex or
recognized brand apps tend
to range between $50k to
$150k and take about 6
months to develop.*
With tough economic
conditions this is a great way
to enhance customer service
without overpaying
*costing estimations by appmuse
Challenges & Mitigation
As new devices are developed you need to make sure your
strategy will interact with new technology. Ensure you
establish a maintenance budget for this purpose.
You need to make sure your mobility strategy is secure from
hackers. Keep up to date with service patches.
High end graphics could be limited based on the type of user.
Focus group testing is recommended.
Insurance is a litigious product and subject to heavy
regulation. Review applications with legal and compliance.