Lesson 3: The Plant Kingdom How do we classify plants?

Kingdoms of Life
Lesson 3: The Plant Kingdom
How do we classify plants?
 three main structures of plants
 stem
 leaves
 roots
 two ways to classify plants
 by structures: shapes of leaves and roots, types of stem
 whether or not a plant has seeds
How do plants get what they need?
 Needs of plants
carbon dioxide
takes water and nutrients in from the roots
 larger thicker roots take in more water than smaller, thinner ones
 roots also anchor the plant to the ground
 makes own food using energy from sun and carbon dioxide
 stem moves water, nutrient and food throughout the plant
 woody stems are strong and do not bend
 nonwoody stems are soft and bendable
 Additional Vocabulary
 root hairs - thin cells that look like thread that cover roots, they take in the
water and nutrients
Why are leaves important?
 photosynthesis is the process the plants use to make food
 photosynthesis takes place in the leaves of the plants
 three things needed for plants to make food
 energy from the sun
 carbon dioxide
 water
 chloroplasts make plant sugars
 Additional vocabulary
 stomata – tiny holes on the bottom of leaves that carbon dioxide enters through
 transpiration – process which the plant opens and closes the stomata
 respiration – the process where cell take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide
and water
What are mosses and ferns?
 Mosses & Ferns
 moss does not have roots, stems or leaves
 grow on the ground
 both do not have seeds
 spores is a cell in a seedless plant that grows into new plants
 spores need light, water and nutrients to grow
How do we use plants?
 plants as food
 medicines and more
trees are used to build
certain plants and herbs as medicine
burned as fuel
cotton plants for clothing