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Welcome to CON IT Support
• Joe Burley, RN – Manager of Electronic
Learning and Information Security
• Justin Burley, IT Senior and Information
Security Manager
• Colin Wheeler, IT Expert and
Instructional Designer
Student Email and Software
• New students are all using Office 365
• Previous UF students could still be on Gatorlink
– Can request transition to Office 365
• HSC students cannot use One Drive cloud storage
• All students eligible for free Microsoft Office
– Up to 5 devices, including mobile
– http://www.software.ufl.edu
No Email Forwarding
• Student Email Forwarding Policy
• No automatic forwarding of email is allowed outside of the
@ufl.edu domain
• Office 365 email cannot be forwarded by default; automatic
• To fix:
– http://gatorlink.ufl.edu
– Click ‘Modify’
– Click ‘Email Forwarding’
– Click the ‘Forward to Gatorlink Mailbox’ button
• We do check and enforce this policy!
• To setup the mail client on your phone or tablet:
– http://helpdesk.ufl.edu/self-help/gatorlink-e-mail-setup/
UF Apps
• http://info.apps.ufl.edu
• Access certain software from any computer or device
• Includes:
Microsoft Office
PDF Editor
Serif Design Suite (similar to Adobe Creative Suite)
And more!
• Free for all UF students
• Online training
• Free for all faculty, staff, and students
• Over 1100 courses, topics include:
– Word, Excel, PowerPoint
– Video and photography skills
– Much, much more
• https://lss.at.ufl.edu/help/Lynda
Other Computing Resources
• Contact UF Computer Help Desk for computer hardware and software
– Some consulting services and repairs are free
– Other requests might incur a small fee but likely cheaper than elsewhere
– http://helpdesk.ufl.edu/
• On-Site UF Apple Service Center for Apple specific hardware problems
– Can’t repair iOS devices in house but facilitate if under warranty
– http://apple.techhub.ufl.edu/
• UF Suggests MS Security Essentials (Windows) or Avast (Mac OS)
– Free
• Remote Library Access:
– http://vpn.health.ufl.edu
Mobile Computing and Storage Devices
• All mobile devices must be encrypted
• Includes smartphones and laptops
• Policy in effect since August 17th 2013
• “As members of the University of Florida Constituency…”
(students are included in the requirements)
• Device encryption protects you as well as the University
• In the event a device is lost or stolen all data (tax returns, bank
statements, SSN’s, etc.) are vulnerable if unencrypted
• Encryption - contact UF 392-HELP (4357)
• Bitlocker built-in to some versions of Windows
• File Vault built-in to Mac OS X
• Mobile Encryption Policy FAQ:
• http://security.ufl.edu/mobilesecurity/
‘UF’ Wireless
• Connect to the ‘ufinfo’
access point and run the
Auto Configuration
• Make sure that your
Windows patches are up
to date.
– Windows XP will be
• Antivirus definitions
cannot be older than
one week.
– 352-273-6429
– Located @ HPNP 3233
– [email protected]
Welcome to e-Learning in Canvas
• All courses should be in the Canvas LMS
• http://lss.at.ufl.edu
E-Learning in Canvas Dashboard
E-Learning tips
• UF Help Desk responsible for e-Learning logins
• College of Nursing IT Support can assist with
anything related to a specific course
– [email protected]
– Please be specific with course number, section
number, file location and/or error message
– Do not use Inbox tool in e-Learning to contact
• “Discussion board on steroids”
• Instructor will provide a link to join a
VoiceThread group for your course
• Login directly at:
– http://ufl.voicethread.com
• More info on the e-Learning login page
– http://lss.at.ufl.edu
• Exams are given in the Quizzes tool in e-Learning but
proctored remotely
• Requires a webcam and a microphone
• Create an account on ProctorU.com, schedule exams,
pay $22.50 per exam
• Scheduling less than 72 hours in advance incurs $5 fee
• Plan an extra 30 minutes into your schedule for time to
verify ID, make sure computer is working, etc.
• Prior to testing visit http://www.proctoru.com/testitout
• Good Internet connection; avoid fast food free WiFi
CON IT Support
Joe Burley, RN
Justin Burley
Colin Wheeler
Located @ HPNP 3233
[email protected]
– Always include current course and section
number when emailing