A Christmas Carol
Please note: These words are words that you will encounter while reading Stave Three. It is important for you to understand
their meanings. However, the words in bold print will be the ones you are responsible for learning.
Capacious – wide, ample, or broad
Genial – cheerful, friendly, kind
Demurely – modestly; shyly (act demure)
Stagnant – Unmoving; stale; dull
Credulity – Willingness to believe; trustworthiness, gullibility (credible - believable)
Heresy – An opinion contrary to widely held belief
Odious – Hateful; horrid; detestable
Affability – Good humor or pleasantness (affable)
Feint – a false attack intended to distract attention from a real attack
(feign – fake, pretend, give false appearance)
Precepts – Principles or rules of conduct
Vocabulary Building
Find the Right Meaning
In the sentences below, the vocabulary words have been underlined. On the blank, write the letter of the word
that comes closest in meaning to the vocabulary word.
______ 1. The main precept guiding Scrooge’s life for many years had been “think only of
A. achievement
B. discovery
C. crime
D. principle
______ 2. Topper made a feint at one of the women, but his real object was catching the plump
A. silly face
B. deep bow
C. deceptive move
D. fast dash
______ 3. For generous-hearted Fred, it was heresy to wish someone ill at Christmas time.
A. A minor trouble
B. a grand tradition
C. a disloyal belief
______ 4. The plump sister blushed demurely whenever Topper stared admiringly at her.
A. modestly
B. brightly
C. noticeably
D. slightly
______ 5. Everyone laughed at Bob Cratchit when he had the credulity to believe that Martha
really had not come.
A. decency
B. trustfulness
C. nerve
D. eagerness
______ 6. With great affability, Scrooge’s nephew entertained his guest with many jokes.
A. good humor
B. innocence
C. determination D. weariness
______ 7. Fred’s wife angrily declared that Scrooge was a miserly, odious man.
A. puzzling
B. lonely
C. charming
D. hateful
______ 8. The Spirit’s genial heart infected everyone with cheer and generosity.
A. Kindly
B. cool
C. diseased
D. simple
______ 9. Though the house was not capacious, the Cratchits did not seem to mind being
crowded together.
A. fancy
B. big
C. modern
D. warm
_____ 10. The Christmas dinner was never stagnant: Fred kept the mood lively with jokes and
A. dull
B. serious
C. completed
D. noisy
Check for Understanding
Stave 3
Deciding True or False
Test your understanding of what you read by deciding if the statements below are true or false. Write T if the
statement is true. F if it is false. Afterwards, go back and rewrite each false statement to make it true.
1. The Ghost of Christmas Present is best described as a cold, sinister phantom.
2. The spirit defends the closing of shops on Sunday, saying it is done in the name of God.
3. Despite their meager meal, the Cratchits are quite merry because they are together.
4. The spirit warns that Tiny Tim must die and cannot be saved by any human effort.
5. Scrooge sees that even in the most dismal and remote places, Christmas is being
6. Fred. Scrooge’s nephew says he cannot feel sorry for Scrooge because the miser is
getting what he deserves.
7. Both the Cratchits and Fred’s guests toast Scrooge.
8. As Scrooge watches the Cratchits’ dinner and Fred’s party, he grows increasingly angry
and resentful.
9. The spirit says that, like Christmas, he returns every year and never grows old.
10.The ghost reveals that he has two children hiding beneath his robes who are Ignorance
and Want.
A Christmas Carol
Spectral – Ghostly
Scrutinize – Examine closely, study (scrutiny)
Loiter – Linger; wait (ex. no loitering signs at park)
Avarice – Great desire for gain; greed
Inexorable – Unyielding; relentless
Persevered – To continue despite obstacle; carry on; persisted
Recompensed – repaid or rewarded
Blithe – cheerful; lighthearted; merry
Unanimity – Agreement; union; consensus (unanimous decision)
Abstinence – Refrain from doing something (to abstain, usually pleasurable based
upon connotation)