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Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol
Scrooge is an old and unfriendly man. He is only interested in money and hates
everything about feelings. At Christmas time he is angrier than the other days
and all people are afraid of him. This year some ghosts come to visit him. They
are ghosts of the past christmas, christmas now and in christmas future. They
show Scrooge his life in the three times. So he recognizes that his life has been
sader than a peaceful celebration of the other families. Because of the ghosts he
is sure about making mistakes and so he wants to change his life.
This book is very easy to read. It is particularly suitable for readers with
Englishproblems or for intermediate learners. You will learn about the book
because it shows you a bad lifesituation. In my mind it was helpful for my
problems in English. All in all it is a nice story.
Schwierigkeitsgrad Englisch: Für Anfänger mit Vorkenntnissen (Stufe 2)
36 Seiten, Penguin Readers
In der Mediothek des Berufskollegs zu finden bei: Zoa DICK
Book Review by Miriam Esser, GO072