Bedding items Bed linen for full size beds preferably in white 10 Full

Bedding items
Bed linen for full size beds
preferably in white
10 Full size fitted sheets
10 Full size flat sheets
10 Standard size pillow
10 Standard size pillows
10 Full size plastic
mattress covers
10 Pillow case protectors
10 Full size Blankets
24 Bath size towels
24 wash cloths
24 hand towels
6 Bath rugs
4 Tub mats
7 Fabric shower curtains
7 shower curtain liners
Pots and Pans
2 sheet pans
2 muffin pans
1 rectangular cake pan
1 round cake pan
4 cutting boards
1 spice rack
1 cooking tool set
6 Kitchen towels
6 Serving bowls
1 set Storage food
1 Knife set block
1 Flat ware set (butter
knives, spoons and forks)
6 place mats
10 dinner napkins
2 table cloths
10 plates (Preferably
Corelle brand)
10 bowls (Preferably
Corelle brand)
10 beverage glasses
(plastic) in 4oz size
10 beverage glasses
(plastic) in 8oz size
10 coffee cups/mugs
1 hand blender
4 pot holders
8 cooking aprons
1 orange juicer
2 (5) gallon crock pots
1 rice cooker
1 brita water filter pitcher
1 box of filter replacements
2 sets of measuring cups
1 Iron
1 Ironing board
1 Shark Steamer
2 over size umbrellas
Hair dryer
Welcome door mats
1 Flag pole
Seasonal flags
Outdoor furniture set
100 Clothes hangers
4 T.V. dinner trays
Age appropriate table top
6 Puzzles
1 Jenga
1 Checkers/Chess
1 Deck of Poker cards and
1 game of horse shoes
1 game of shuffle board
1 Watering can for
gardening can
1 Short rake,
2 hand held shovels
4 pairs of gardening gloves
1 basket ball
1 Soccer ball
1 Kick ball
6 Planters, seeds and soil
Variety of hand paints and
Arts and crafts supplies
Photo albums and
photo/display frames
2 medium size grease
boards w/ dry erase
Gift cards to: Macy's,
Walmart, Target, Bed,
Bath and Beyond, JC
Penny's and Sears in any